Woud Tip, Tap & Top Candle Holders


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  • Tip Candle Holder - £35.00
    Tip Candle Holder
  • Tap Tealight Holder - £39.00
    Tap Tealight Holder
  • Top Candle Holder - £79.00
    Top Candle Holder
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  • Designer: Bette Eklund
  • Dimensions:
    Tip - L: 5cm x W: 3cm x H: 7cm
    Tap - L: 4.4cm x W: 6.4cm x H: 5cm
    Top - L: 10cm x W: 8.4cm x H: 9.5cm
  • Material: Iron coated in black paint
  • Delivery: 2 - 3 weeks for non stock items


Great Reasons To Buy The Woud Tip, Tap & Top Candle Holders

  • Beautifully and elegantly designed by Bette Eklund, the candle holders add character to any room
  • Stylish and functional, the holder has been designed with the functionality of easy transportation of candles in mind
  • Available in a range of sizes to fit different candle styles

Why you'll love this candle holder

The Tip, Tap and Top Candle Holders from the Danish design company Woud are designed by Bette Eklund. The holders which come in a range of three different sizes take inspiration from old-fashioned candle holders and Bette says "Imagine yourself walking through a dark room with the candleholders in your hand, at the same time lighting up the space and mind".

Casted in iron and finished with a coating of black paint, the Tip, Tap and Top Candle Holders focus on simplicity, with a sleek design and functionality.

  • Tip Candle holder - Holds candles with 22mm diameter
  • Tap Candle holder - Holds tea lights with 40mm diameter
  • Top Candle holder - Holds candles with 70mm diameter

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