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10 Best Modern Pendant Lights

10 Best Modern Pendant Lights

Best Modern Pendant Lights

The clocks going back might mean that our mornings are a little more bright it also means that our evenings are that much darker. Lighting plays a key role in our homes all year round but we rely on it even more during the latter part of the year. We've previously discussed our picks for the 10 of the best table / desk lamps so today we turn our attention to pendant lights - pendant lighting being defined as any lamp that is suspended from the ceiling by cord, chain or rod. In this guide we're going to focus on modern pendant lights that are minimal, understated and versatile enough to fit into almost any interior design scheme.

What do we use pendant lighting for?

Pendant lighting can be utilised in almost every room of your house for a range of different applications ; to provide task lighting above a kitchen counter, ambient lighting when used with a dimmer in your living room or as a statement piece in your hallway / foyer to give just a few examples. You can even use a modern pendant light as a replacement for a TV like Juan of Boreal Abode. Juan decided that his round coffee table should be the focal point of his room and so he made use of a low hanging pendant light to create an inviting space to meet and enjoy time with friends & family.

We've listed 10 of our favourite modern pendant lights (in no particular area) below but there are a ton of other fantastic options available to buy online now at Utility, so make sure you check out the full selection.

1. Umage Asteria

The Asteria ceiling light from Copenhagen based Umage (Formerly Vita Copenhagen) has a sleek, minimal design and built in LED technology that ensures an even glow, making it perfect for hanging over the dining table. Available now in 6 colour options, the Asteria is a statement lighting piece that's beautiful in its simplicity.

Shop the Umage Asterior here.

2. Gubi Semi Pendant

Designed by Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup in 1967, the Semi Pendant Light from Gubi is an instantly recognisable suspension lamp. Elegant yet with a modern expression, the Semi Pendant was designed so that the lamp could hang without being too dominant and the use of a half-mirrored light bulb casts light around a room without dazzling. Charlotte from interiors blog Le Petit Fika chose to add the lamp to her dining room and commented on how it instantly felt cosier and cleaner.

The Gubi Semi Pendant Light is available here.

3. Lightyears Suspence

There could quite easily be two lamps from Lightyears on this list but whilst the best-selling Caravaggio would be a worthy inclusion, we've opted for the Danish company's more recent lighting release. The Suspence pendant light, designed by GamFratesi is created through a process called pulling which causes a unique tip on the top of what is on the whole, a soft and organic shade. An infinity diffuser at the bottom of the lamp concentrates the light, prevents glare and contributes to creating an elegant optical illusion.

Shop the Lightyears Suspence here.

4. Ferm living Collect

The Collect lighting series from Ferm living offers a seemingly infinite range of shape and colour combinations, allowing you to create customised and contemporary light fittings for every room in your home. With a host of shade and socket sizes, colours and finishes to choose from the only problem you'll be facing is deciding on your favourite!

Shop the entire Ferm Living Collect Lighting range here.

5. George Nelson Bubble Lamps

Designed by George Nelson the Bubble Lamp collection features a series of pendant lights based on Nelson's original 1950s designs. The first set of Bubble Lamps were made by utilising US military techniques and surplus supplies following World War II. Nelson used a metal frame and covered them in a white translucent plastic spray that results in a soft, organic aesthetic when illuminated.

Shop Nelson Bubble Lamps.

6. Muuto Fluid Pendant Light

The Fluid pendant light, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Danish furniture and lighting company Muuto, is inspired by a resting drop of water and in order to represent the curvature of the resting droplet, the lamp shade features subtle irregularities that result in slight changes to the silhouette based on viewing angle. The soft, round shape of the lamp shade is enhanced by its frosted matte glass surface and perfectly matches its warm cosy light. Hang alone over a table as a single light feature or as a mixed cluster to create your desired ambience.

Shop Muuto Fluid here.

7. Normann Copenhagen Norm 69

The Norm 69 light from Normann Copenhagen is a modern design classic. Given the name 69 due to the year of its design and the amount of pieces used to build it, the Norm 69 was not produced until 2001. Combining futurism and vintage, the Norm 69 sits beautifully in any contemporary home.

Shop Norm 69 Pendant here.

8. Flos IC Suspension Lamp

Perfectly balanced and beautifully elegant, the IC light designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos was inspired by ideas of weightlessness and stillness. IC consists of a mouth-blown glass orb that hangs lightly from a brushed brass beam, illuminating your space evenly and with warmth. These sculptural, decorative (and most importantly, functional) lamps are perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Truth is, wherever you hang a Flos IC Lamp, you're going to create impact!

Shop Flos IC Suspension Light here.

9. Normann Copenhagen Bell Lamp

With a robust expression and simple form the Normann Copenhagen's Bell Lamp strikes a perfect balance between industrial and friendly. The idea behind the bell-like shape was to  allow the user to create a cosy place to gather in a room. In terms of application, we think the larger Bell lamp is perfect when hung over a dining table whereas the smaller versions are excellent alternatives to bedside lamps.

Shop Normann Copenhagen Bell Lamp here.

10. Louis Poulsen PH/5

Last but certainly not least in our rundown of the best modern pendant lights is the design juggernaut that is the Louis Poulsen PH 5 Pendant Light. Designed back in 1958 by Poul Henningson, the PH 5 was a revolutionary piece of lighting design that allowed careful distribution of the light. The light distribution is controlled to perfection through the use of carefully arranged shades that eliminate glare from all angles. This beautiful, design classic light fixture is now available in a whole host of colours so you're bound to find one that's perfect for your space.

Shop Louis Poulsen PH 5 Light here.

11. Menu Cast Pendant Lamp

The Cast Pendant Light by Menu is inspired by the traditional plumb weight – a weight hanging from a line used by masons and carpenters since Ancient Egypt to establish a true vertical. Available in three variations this one has a cone-shaped lampshade. It exudes elegant, Scandinavian minimalism whilst its cast-aluminium properties give it a soft, industrial edge.

Shop Menu Cast Shape 1, 2, and 3 here.

Time for more? 10 of the Best Table/ Desk Lamps Lighting Tips For Dark Nights | Arne Jacobsen's Most Iconic Design.

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