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Utility Follows | Nicola Capper

Utility Follows | Nicola Capper

Nicola Capper (Nordic Notes)

So far our Utility Follows blog series has taken us as far as Copenhagen, Milan and Chicago to catch up with some of our favourite interior bloggers, photographers & stylists. Today though, we're a little closer to home. Liverpool local Nicola Capper is one of our best customers so we've always known she had a great eye for interior details. That's why when she started her blog Nordic Notes in August of last year we stood up and took notice. A year (and some months) on we've finally grabbed our chance to catch up with Nicola and talk to her about her influences, her route into blogging and her love of all things Nordic. Read the full interview below.

Where does your passion for Scandinavian design stem from?

"As a child I was obsessed with drawing so it was no surprise to anyone that I went to study Fine Art at university. My degree show was filled with huge grid paintings inspired by minimalist architecture. 

Even though I had to swap a paint brush for a PC it did allow me to travel, firstly across Europe and then to the USA and Canada. Each trip filled with gallery visits, architecture tours and days spent in design museums.

It was a road trip across Germany visiting all three sites of the Bauhaus that had the biggest impact on me, and with Nordic inspired design also heavily influenced by the same principles it naturally led me to Copenhagen and beyond."

We take as much inspiration from Scandi lifestyle and fashion trends as we do their approach to design. Is that something you've found too? "The Scandinavian lifestyle has certainly rubbed off on me. Whether its hygge, lagom or their general approach to everyday happiness.

I feel really lucky to be living in Liverpool too, as the city is filled with Nordic heritage. Plus we’ve a huge choice of independent retailers, makers and foodies also taking their inspiration from this part of the world at the moment."

So what was behind the design to start blogging? The catalyst if it were.

"It was a combination of having somewhere to document all the things I was passionate about with a desire to share what I was experiencing with others.

I never thought when I began Nordic Notes that it would give me so many exciting opportunities as well as bring so many amazing new friends into my life."

Are there any particular brands you’re loving at the moment?

"There are a number of Danish brands that will always have a very special place in my heart, Hay, Normann Copenhagen and Kahler. 

Over the last year however I’ve totally fallen in love with Nuura and Warm Nordic. Though I do seem to be having a bit of an obsession with Finnish design at the moment, maybe I need to book that trip to Helsinki I’ve been talking about?"

Everything in your home is beautiful but do you have a favourite item? What interior items (if any) are currently on your wishlist?

"Thank you, if I had to choose one it would be my Menu Carrie Lamp. I’ve been reading a lot about how the Scandinavians use light in particularly within their homes and how lighting design has evolved to complement a love of candlelight.

There are always far too many things on my wish list! Though I do have my eye on a Hay Pyramid Bench as I’m looking to create a welcoming seating space in our hallway, and this would fit perfectly. "

We’re sure our readers will be able to get tons of inspiration from your account but are there any other Instagram accounts we should check out? "My favourites will probably come as no surprise to regular Utility Follows readers. They are @hegeinfrance, @thesefourwalls, @ingrid_opstad, @thatnordicfeeling and@han_house. Their photos and blogs inspire me everyday and they are all lovely people too!" Finally, we’d like to do some reading over lunch - which of your recent blog articles should we start with? "If you’re looking for some travel inspiration I would suggest A blogger’s guide to Copenhagen, if you want to know more about a renowned Danish design brand then A visit to Normann Copenhagen, or finally if you’re looking to discover something new perhaps my most recent post about Lapuan Kankurit."
You can find Nicola on Instagram and on her blog.
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