Our top picks for minimal bedside tables

When it comes to bedroom furniture the bedside table is something we often take for granted. It's one of those "don't know how much you need it until you don't have it" type things. When you think about it though, our bedside tables are one of the most functional pieces of bedroom furniture in our home – after all, it's where the majority of us leave our mobile phones, our alarm clocks, the books we were reading before bed, a glass of water etc when we go to sleep.

The traditional bedside option is the chest of drawers and it's hard to argue with all that storage space. However, recently we're seeing a lot of our favourite interior stylists opt for a more minimal, space saving alternative – using a side table as a bedside table. Below we run through our pick of the 10 best bedside tables that just so happen to be side tables too. Let us know in the comments if any of these take your fancy.

photo source : https://www.septemberedit.com/

photo source : https://www.instagram.com/willowstyleco/

Note : want something more traditional? We also have some great solid wood chest of drawers is also available in our furniture category.

1. Muuto Halves Side Table
2. Hay DLM Side Table
3. Hay Tray Table
4. Muuto Slit Table
5. Menu Yeh Wall Table
6. Zeitraum Waiter / Waitress Tables
7. Normann Copenhagen Block Trolley
8. Vitra Eames LTR
9. Ferm Living Pujo Wall Table
10. Normann Copenhagen Kabino Unit

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