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15 Design Icons Under £350

Design For Everyone

We thoroughly believe the mantra that "Design For Everyone", so we thought we would put together a handy list of 15 design icons under £350 that are currently available at Utility. Now we know £350 is by no means cheap and can go a long way in terms of buying a few cheaper furniture items; but with the cost of these design items comes a story, an innovation, a mastery of production. A couple of Ikea chairs may look lovely, but put them through a few years of use and you'll need to replace them with new ones. Design icons stand the test of time in two ways - always staying fashionably relevant whilst withstanding regular use for years and years due to higher quality design, materials and manufacture.

So here's our round up of 15 design icons that you can get for under £350 - all available at Utility Design.

Design Icons Under £350

Vitra Eames DSW Plastic Chair
Buy now for £339

Credit - Fredrik Risvik #OnMyEames Credit : Fredrik Risvik #OnMyEames

Possibly the most iconic chair available to buy today. The Eames DSW plastic chair was designed by the widely celebrated duo Charles & Ray Eames. The chair was designed and manufactured with their mantra in mind - "Getting the most of the best to the greatest number of people for the least". It was one of the first chairs to use mass production techniques due to its glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin shell. Also recognised as the 'Eiffel Chair' due to the structure of the wooden legs and metal bars, the chair is enjoying another moment as the hashtag #OnMyEames is gaining traction in the lifestyle and influencer space.

Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair
Buy now for £321

Fritz Hansen Series 7

Designed in 1955 by architect and product designer Arne Jacobsen, the Fritz Hansen Series 7 chair is a beautifully sculpted chair that suits a wide range of interiors due to the colours and finishes available. The relationship between Arne Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen was a prosperous one, with the two combining to create other great designs like the Swan Chair, Egg Chair and the Series 3300. However, the series 7 chair was arguably the most popular with it becoming one of the best selling pieces of furniture ever designed.

Kartell Masters Chair
Buy now for £154

Kartell Masters Chair

Designed by the prolific Phillippe Starck, the Kartell Masters chair combines the profiles of three of the most iconic chairs ever created (two of which are on this list!) - the Eames DSW, Fritz Hansen Series 7 chair and the Knoll Saarinen Tulip Chair. Titled the 'Masters Chair' after the masters of design who influenced and shaped the chair - Charles & Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Eero Saarinen. Available in a wide range of colours as pictured above and in three metallic colours; Gold, Copper & Chrome.

Vitra Panton Standard Chair
Buy now for £207

Vitra Panton Chair

After the moulded plastic seat of the Eames DSW chair was an instant success designer Verner Panton experimented with creating a chair from one single section of plastic, and successfully so. The Panton Chair was the first of it's kind which has cemented its place in design history. Moulding to the shape of the body, the Panton chair is surprisingly comfortable to sit on and comes in a range of colours for any interior style. The Standard Chair is made from solid plastic as opposed to the rigid expanded plastic and lacquered surface of the Classic Panton Chair.

Kartell Bookworm
Buy now from £258

Kartell Bookworm Credit : Houzz

Kartell have sold over 1000km of the Bookworm since it was manufactured and it's easy to see why. Designed by Ron Arad the Bookworm is available in various sizes and colours. The main attraction is its versatility as it can be hung on the wall in any way imaginable thanks to the flexible PVC used to manufacture the shelf.  The Bookwork is sure to add a bit of character to any wall that it hangs on as well as providing lots of space for books!

Artek 60 Stool
Buy now from £159

Artek 60 Stool

The Artek 60 stool designed in 1933 by Alvaro Alto was popular at the time of production due to its use of 3 legs and circular seat, much different to any stool around at that time. It claimed its place in design history and withstood the test of time due to the gradual curve of the legs, something Alvaro Alto designs were famous for. The stool is stackable up to 20 high and is also available with 4 legs in the form of the E60 stool, which was designed one year later in 1934.

Vitra Ball Clock
Buy now from £209 

Vitra Ball Clock

Originally designed in 1948 by George Nelson, the Vitra Ball Clock has since been replicated over and over which is only a testament to the beauty of the clock - but there's nothing quite like the original mid-century design. Combining geometric and abstract shapes with bright colours to create a quirky clock that is as much a work of art as a timepiece. The ball clock is available in many finishes from multi-coloured to natural wood and is made using high grade quartz clockwork.

Tom Dixon Copper Ball Pendant
Buy now from £255

Tom Dixon Copper Family

A more modern piece of design than others featured in this list, but no less iconic. The Tom Dixon Copper Ball Pendant is certainly having a moment right now and it can be seen hung from ceilings in bars, restaurants, hotels and houses across the globe. The beauty is in its appeal to both domestic and commercial uses as the copper ball comes in varying sizes which can be combined to make a stunning installation. Not to mention copper and metal accents alike have also been having a moment in recent years.

Alessi Bird Kettle
Buy now for £99

Alessi Bird Hob Kettle

The whistling Bird Kettle from Alessi is arguably one of the greatest design icons created in the past 30 years. Equally as eye-catching in modern or traditional kitchens, the Bird Kettle is the top seller for Alessi and it's easy to see why. The seemingly modern design incorporates elements of traditional kettles like the ring of raised dots around the base which remind us of rivets once used to secure base and body in older kettles.

Artemide Tolomeo Table Lamp
Buy now from £219

Artemide Tolomeo Desk

A light that you've probably seen again and again in offices and hotels, the Artemide Tolomeo light is a family of lights that centre around a cantilevered arm in with exposed steel tension wires. The Tolomeo is a wonderful working light that works in both home and commercial offices. Designed by Michele De Lucchi & Giancarlo Fassina, the Tolomeo is available in floor, wall and desk lamps.

Louis Poulsen Panthella Mini Table Lamp
Buy now for £292

Louis Poulsen Panthella Mini

The Panthella lamp was designed in 1971 by Verner Panton and is one of his most famous lighting designs. The geometric design features a hemispherical shade that reflects the light downwards onto the base and also diffuses the light for a soft and comfortable glow. Although the mini version is the little brother to the original Panthella Table Lamp (£445) we love the range of bright colour options that are available in the smaller version.

Tom Dixon Jack Light -
Buy now for £300

Tom Dixon Jack Light

Designed in 1994, the Jack Light is an interesting design that has an even more interesting story behind it. The light was produced by Tom Dixon to prove that mass produced industrial manufacturing was still possible in the UK. Made from rotary moulded polyethylene the Jack Light is a sitting, stacking sculptural light which makes its presence known in any room.

Vitra Uten.silo
Buy now from £211

Vitra Uten.Silo

Apart from its clever name, the Uten.Silo is a very handy wall storage unit from Vitra. Designed in 1969 by Dorothee Becker it has been a popular storage solution ever since. Its different sized and shaped containers, metal hooks and clips make it the ultimate solution for organising offices, kitchens, workshops, bathrooms and children's rooms and keeping them paraphernalia free. Available in two sizes and three colours.

Alessi Blow-up Magazine Rack
Buy now for £70

Alessi Blow Up Magazine Rack

Fratelli Campana developed the 'Blow Up' concept design and applied it to a host of objects such as tables, mirrors, vases and this magazine rack. Made from polished stainless steel, the Blow-Up Magazine rack allows you to see the glossy covers of your magazine whilst appreciating the amazing construction work that has gone into this piece of iconic design.

Rosendahl Wooden Monkey
Buy now for £124

Kay Bojensen Rosendahl Monkey

The Rosendahl Wooden Monkey designed by Kay Bojensen for Rosendahl is a Danish classic and can be seen in interiors around the world. The contrast between the teak and limba wood provides the detailing and extenuates the pot-belly, hands, feet and eyes and articulated limbs. The hooked hands and feet allow this cheeky little monkey to hang from almost anywhere in the home!

That's our round up of 15 design icons you can get your hands on for less than £350, many of them coming in at much less than that. Sign up to our newsletter and receive exclusive offers for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday events and receive these design icons for even cheaper!

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