String Works


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  • Work Desk 120cm x 78cm
    Work Desk 120cm x 78cm
  • Work Desk 140cm x 78cm
    Work Desk 140cm x 78cm
  • Work Desk 160cm x 78cm
    Work Desk 160cm x 78cm
  • Mobile Storage Unit
    Mobile Storage Unit
  • Filing Cabinet
    Filing Cabinet
  • Floor Standing Shelf Supports
    Floor Standing Shelf Supports
  • Fabric Desk Divider/ Screen - £53.00
    Fabric Desk Divider/ Screen
  • Floor Standing Divider/ Sound Absorber
    Floor Standing Divider/ Sound Absorber
  • Wire Desk Divider/Stand - £60.00
    Wire Desk Divider/Stand
  • Pull Out Drawer For Desk - £84.00
    Pull Out Drawer For Desk
  • Round Tray/ Bowl - £95.00
    Round Tray/ Bowl
  • Bowl Shelf - £102.00
    Bowl Shelf
  • PC Holder - £64.00
    PC Holder
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  • Original System Designer : Nils Strinning
  • Year of Design : 2015
  • Material : Powder-Coated metal or Wood Veneer
  • Dimensions :
    Desk : 120cm x 78cm, 140cm x 78cm or 160cm x 78cm. H: 71.5cm rising to 118.5cm
    Mobile Storage Unit : W: 30cm; D: 58cm; H: 51cm
    Filing Cabinet : W: 78cm; D: 32cm; H: 78cm; Inside Depth : 28cm
    Floor Standing Panel: 115cm x 30cm
    Fabric Screen/ Divider : 60cm x 36cm
    Wire Screen / Divider : 57.8cm x 35.5cm
    Bowl : 27.8cm x 10.3cm
    PC Holder : 18.5cm x 24.2cm
  • Made in Sweden
  • Delivery : 4- 6 weeks


String Works are additional components, designed to sit with all String Shelving, but specifically designed for commercial and office environments. It includes a desk - complete with patented electric rise and fall feature to work standing up - filing cabinets, a mobile trolley storage unit and freestanding shelving units. Sound absorbing floor panels can be used alongside the floor standing shelf supports and, collectively, used to mount the filing cabinet on this page as well as the chest of drawers, glass door cabinet, solid door sliding cabinet and 78x30cm shelves shown on the String Shelving Page

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