With its distinct Scandinavian appeal, the String Shelving system is loved by designers, architects, and consumers across the world for its simplicity, versatility, and practicality. Designed by Swedish architect Nils Strinning in 1949 the series is now considered a design classic, and it's easy to see why.

The mid-century design appeal of String means it looks just as good today, as it did back then. This stands true for any interior, modern or traditional. You can create your own unique look by adding a choice of elements to the different frames and support panels. Such as glass/wooden door sliding cabinets, two drawer chest, a work desk or a range of magazine shelves and accessories. String Shelving is, we think, the definitive modular shelving system.

There is a String configuration for every room and every home, which has gone a long way to making it a best seller here at Utility. In this article, we're exploring the collection, and its application in the home and help you decide which String Shelving system is right for your home.

How many configurations can be made from the String Shelving system?

...how long is a piece of String?

String Shelving

Added to, developed, and enhanced through time, the String Shelving collection consists of a multitude of basic components (shelves, side panels, desks, cabinets, etc) that can be combined to create a scalable shelving system that perfectly fits the requirements of your space. As well as the original elements the collection now also includes the smaller, out-of-the-box Pocket String Shelving, a great alternative for smaller spaces.

Finding the perfect String Shelving system for you

As with any interior purchase, there are a few questions that you should consider before parting with your hard-earned money. Luckily, there is a String composition for just about any interior need. Remember, you can shop the full String catalogue right here at Utility but before you do, ask yourself these three quick questions.

1. In which room will your String Shelving be situated?

It's important to consider material, colour, and storage needs for the particular room you are decorating. For instance, if your String is going in a bathroom with a lot of moisture you may want to avoid a wood veneer and opt for a steel shelf. You may also want to add a towel rail and opt for a mirrored cabinet whereas if you're decorating your kitchen you might find the addition of glass hanging racks and perforated metal shelves.

If you're planning to create a storage unit for your living room you'll need to consider which devices or objects you'd like to store. Where will you put your TV or games console? Will you require a set of pull-out drawers for your DVDs? If you'd like to display books or magazines then you'll want to decide between flat shelves or magazine racks - or a combination of the two.

String is also great in the bedroom and with shoe racks, coat hangers, and felt storage trays available you'll find all you need for the perfect wardrobe. We tend to sway towards using wood shelves in the bedroom as it can be warmer and more inviting than full metal units.

2. How will your storage needs change in the next 5 - 10 years?

The great thing about String (other than how beautiful it is) is that it can be endlessly added to and adjusted. Think about how the needs of your family will change over the next few years and don't be afraid to start small.

However, it is worth noting that String Pocket shelves cannot be added to with original String components so if you want a small starter shelving system that you intend to scale up, we'd always suggest opting for the original String shelves & side panels.

3. What colour & finish can you live with for the next few years?

Personal tastes have a tendency to change over time so bear this in mind when selecting your String system. Green and Pink may be bang on trend right now but will you still like it in 5 years' time? String in its design is truly timeless which is why they offer colours in white, grey, and black that are adaptable to any interior style. The new blush components are also a lovely warm alternative that is simple and elegant enough to stand the test of time.

The same is true of your wood finishes. Consider your wood flooring (if you have some) and the type of wood used for your furniture - this should guide your choice when it comes to adding a shelving system.

String Shelving is incredibly versatile, it's compatible with almost every interior, and with low starting prices there is something for everyone. Start from scratch and build your dream set up using String's huge array of modules, or shop the handy Ready-To-Buy Bundles. We've gone a step further in categorising these bundles by rooms in the home, making it easier for you to imagine the possibilities!

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If you're in need of some further inspiration you should check out this piece - The Best String Shelving Compositions On Instagram.

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