String Shelving


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  • Floor Side Panels
    Floor Side Panels
  • Wall Side Panels
    Wall Side Panels
  • Shelves
  • Sliding Door Cabinet
    Sliding Door Cabinet
  • Glass Display Cabinet
    Glass Display Cabinet
  • Two Drawer Chest
    Two Drawer Chest
  • Workdesk
  • Folding Table
    Folding Table
  • Magazine Shelf - Wood
    Magazine Shelf - Wood
  • Magazine Shelf - Metal
    Magazine Shelf - Metal
  • Hanging Rod for Metal Shelves
    Hanging Rod for Metal Shelves
  • Hook for Metal Shelves (5pack)
    Hook for Metal Shelves (5pack)
  • Metal Magazine Holder
    Metal Magazine Holder
  • Perforated Metal Shelf, Low Edge
    Perforated Metal Shelf, Low Edge
  • Perforated Metal Shelf, High Edge
    Perforated Metal Shelf, High Edge
  • Perforated Metal Shoe Shelf
    Perforated Metal Shoe Shelf
  • Bowl Shelf - £89.00
    Bowl Shelf
  • Orgmix Pockets (for 30cm depth panels)
    Orgmix Pockets (for 30cm depth panels)
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  • Designer : Nils Strinning
  • Year of Design : 1949
  • Material : Powder coated steel and wood veneer
  • Dimensions : Various
  • Made in Sweden
  • Delivery : Non-stock items : 6 - 8 weeks

Weight Limitations
Floor Panels: Max weight of 150kg.
Wall Panels: Max weight of 75kg.
78cm Shelves: Max weight of 15kg.
58cm Shelves: Max weight of 25kg.


String Shelving is a highly flexible system of storage which lends itself to large and small compositions. Designed in 1949 by Swedish architect Nils Strinning it has won several coveted awards. Its simple construction of a powder coated steel frame on which wooden elements hang gives the String Shelving system a refined, timeless unpretentious appeal which add to its enduring popularity and highly practical versatility. Whilst it may appear daunting initially the composition of String Shelving is surprisingly simple.

First choose your side or support panels on which the shelving, desk and cabinet elements hang. Floor panels (standing on the floor and mounted on the wall) are 200cm or 85cm high and 30cm deep. Wall mounted panels (for mounting higher up a wall) are 75cm high and 30cm or 20cm deep, depending on your requirements. These can be purchased singularly or in packs of 2.

Next choose your shelves and modular units. Shelves come in pack of three and are either 58cm or 78cm wide with depths of 20cm or 30cm (depending on the depth of side panels you have chosen) in several finishes - birch, walnut, oak, grey, white and black.

Once you have a basic shelving system you can add further elements for extra storage or if you want to expand your String Shelving system. These elements include a work desk, a magazine shelf (in the same powder coating as the supports or wood), a glass display or solid door cabinet with sliding doors and a two drawer chest. There's also a Folding Table in a range of finishes, which is used in conjunction with Floor Side Panels and a white plastic bowl shelf - ideal for a variety of uses for storing or displaying plants etc. Finally, String Orgmix are available for your String composition. These 3 pockets, of varying sizes, hang neatly on any string composition and can be used to store small items like stationery.

Modules Explained
Floor Panels - Low: H: 85cm; High : H: 200cm. Standard depth : 30cm. Skirting Board Clearance : 12cm
Wall Panels - Either 30 or 20cm deep - standard height of 75cm
All Cabinets & Drawers : H: 42cm; W: 78cm; D: 30cm. One steel lined finger holes in each drawer/door.
Workdesk : W: 78cm; D: 58cm. Can only be used with 30cm deep panels
Folding Table : W: 78cm; D: 96cm. Can only be used with floor panels
All Magazine Shelves : W: 78cm; D: 30cm. Can only be used with 30cm deep panels
Plastic Bowl- W: 78cm; D: 30cm
Orgmix - 3 pockets that hang on String Shelving - Small: 7cm x 12cm x 9 m; Medium: 8cm x 8cm x 19.8cm; Large: 7.7cm x 8cm x 12cm


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