Moooi Raimond Tensegrity Floor Lamp


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  • Designer : Raimond Puts
  • Year of Design : 2014
  • Material : Solid oak foot with leather straps, stainless Steel and PMMA
  • Dimensions : Various
  • Light Source
    61cm Diameter : 162 LED's, 30W, 644lm (60W incandescent)
    89cm Diameter : 252 LED's, 50W, 790lm (75W incandescent)
  • Colour Temperature : 2700K / CRI_Ra 71, colour rendering group 2
  • Switch : ON/OFF
  • Cable Length : 5m
  • Delivery : 1- 2 Weeks


Great reasons to buy the MOOOI Raimond Tensegrity Floor Lamp:

  • Raimond features intricate spheres that transport the electrical current through LED terminals, creating an atmospheric ambience in your interior space.
  • Complementing the range of pendant lights Raimond creates the impression that you are staring into the soft glow of a starry night.

Why you'll love this light:

The Raimond Floor Lamp from Moooi has been inspired by the principle of “tensegrity” (tensional integrity; floating compression) and as such, the Raimond Tensegrity embodies a perfect balance between push & pull forces. The vision of award-winning designer Raimon Puts, the Tensegrity Floor Lamp consists of a giant LED sphere that appears to hover above its aerial wood stand with ethereal grace. Puts designed the Tensegrity with the dream that it may stand in a space where people might marvel at this sparkling wonder, reach out for the stars & wow!

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