Moooi Prop Suspension Light


Available To Order - See Lead Time Below

  • Straight Single Horizontal - £1,430.00
    Straight Single Horizontal
  • Straight Double Vertical - £1,911.00
    Straight Double Vertical
  • Straight Double Horizontal - £1,911.00
    Straight Double Horizontal
  • Round Single Horizontal - £2,610.00
    Round Single Horizontal
  • Round Double Vertical - £3,939.00
    Round Double Vertical
  • Round Double Horizontal - £3,939.00
    Round Double Horizontal
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  • Designer: Bertjan Pot
  • Year of Design: 2013
  • Material: HIPS housing, Glass Bulb
  • Blub: Single - 18 LEDS; Double - 36 LEDS
  • Input Voltage: 110 - 240V
  • Delivery: Special Order, 2 - 4 weeks


The Prop Light suspension lamp has been designed by Bertjan Pot for Moooi.

The Prop Light collection features round lights, straight lights, lamps with lights on the side or on two sides. The collection has been designed with versatility in mind making it the prefect lighting solution for any kind of interior.

The suspension lamp versions are available in several different configurations including straight, straight double, straight double horizontal, straight double vertical, round, round double and round double vertical.

Each is equipped with a comfortable warm LED light source, spreading its light by specially developed optics.

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