Rosendahl Wooden Lovebirds


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  • Designer : Kay Bojesen
  • Material: Oak
  • H: 9cm; W: 21.3cm; D: 5.2cm
  • Made in Denmark


These beautiful Rosendahl Wooden Lovebirds, designed by Kay Bojesen for Rosendahl, add a touch of romance into a collection that already includes the much loved Hippo, Elephant, Rabbit, Bear & Monkey.

Radiating humanity, warmth and vibrancy, the Lovebirds epitomise everything Kay Bojesen believed design should be. Originally designed in the 1950s the picturesque lovebirds are hand carved in Denmark from natural white oak and smoked oak, and feature the 'Kay Bojesen' stamp to certify their authenticity.

At home either in a child's room or as a decorative object for appreciative adults - the Lovebirds are guaranteed to put a smile on your face whenever you see them!

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