Normann Copenhagen Moon Tray


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  • Designer : Büro Famos
  • Year of design : September 2016
  • Material : Painted Birch
  • Dimensions :
    Small : H: 4.6cm; Diameter: 7.7cm
    Medium : H:6.1cm; Diameter: 11.2cm
    Large : H: 2.8cm; Diameter: 18cm
  • Delivery: 4-6 weeks


Great Reasons to Buy the Normann Copenhagen Moon Trays

  • Moon is a family of birch wood trays that combine beauty with function.
  • A versatile design, the trays can be used for storing small items, serving food, or simply as decorative pieces.
  • In three sizes and two colours they have a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic that will suit any interior setting.

Why You'll Love These Trays

Moon is a family of Wooden Trays designed by Berliner duo Büro Famos for Normann Copenhagen. Designed for the storage of small items, their soft, elegant curves that resemble perfectly shaped moon craters, create an inviting nook for the small items and treasures in your home.The collection is made from painted birch with trays available in three sizes and two colours. The flame pattern of the birch grain is visible through the paint, and the organic material adds life and warmth to the design.

A versatile design, Moon can be used for a wide range of items such as jewellery, paper clips, small change or keys. They're also suitable for serving dry foods or just for decoration. Whether used together or individually, their pure and minimalist aesthetic ensures they will fit well with any interior design scheme, be it traditional or contemporary.

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