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Utility Follows | Charlotte Sintrat – Le Petit Fika

14th March 2018

Le Petit Fika

As we scroll through the Charlotte’s Instagram feed we find it very difficult to pick out an item that we wouldn’t like in our own home. Whilst not strictly minimalist the Le Petit Fika blogger does seem to carefully consider each object that she adds to her home, with every addition serving its own visual and/or functional purpose. As part of our Utility Follows series we caught up with the French-born filmmaker to find out a little more about where her design inspiration stems from and whether it extends further than just her home interior.

Read the full interview below.

Charlotte Sintrat Home Details | Image Source LePetitFika.com

What inspired you to start blogging?

“As a filmmaker I have always been a very visual person with a strong sense of what I find aesthetically pleasing. I’m also very much a nester and with a busy job in production that often means long hours or travelling a lot, it’s important for me that the places in which I eat, sleep and spend precious downtime are calming and with minimal clutter. 

Several years ago I visited Scandinavia for the first time and discovered that their way of life and design sensibilities were very much in line with mine, so I started Le Petit Fika to share my journey of discovering brands and places that I feel an affinity with. I’m more of a photographer than a writer, so the blog was the perfect place for me to be able to combine my loves of photography and design.”

How would you describe Le Petit Fika?

“It’s still a relatively young blog but I would say that it’s a place where I share some of the brands, products and places that inspire me. Being originally from France, Le Petit Fika is a fusion of my heritage and love for the Nordic way of life from the design, coffee breaks (known in Sweden as “Fika”, hence the name!), food and travel.

Behind it is the belief that instead of following current trends, we should do what feels natural to us and create spaces that are a reflection of our personalities. I’m also inspired by what others find inspiration in and what their stories are (that’s the storyteller in me!), so you’ll find a section on the blog called ‘In Conversation‘ which is a selection of interviews with designers and makers that I admire. I want to push to do more of those in 2018, because this dialogue with others is what I love the most about the way I work with people and brands. “

Charlotte Sintrat Home Details | Image Source LePetitFika.com

How would you describe your personal style, in your home?

“My style is definitely inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and French chic, as well as functionality. It’s quite clean, with a soft, restrained colour palette and natural tones. I love having a bright space with earthy tones, accent blacks, wood notes and the occasional greenery from plants. Being from the south of France, I am used to having natural colours in my home, no carpets and big, airy spaces, so this is something that has also inspired my own tastes combined with Nordic design.

I try not to have too many bright colours in my home; they can contribute to a feeling of things being cluttered and I find it difficult to relax.”

Does your interior style extend to other areas of your life? 

“My love of interiors extends to all other aspects of my life. You’ll never find me wearing much colour as I wear black, navy or grey and white on a daily basis. I also catch myself wearing stripes a lot because I can’t seem to escape the French heritage! My interior style is definitely an extension of my personal style. I spend a lot of my free time in France, going back to my roots and enjoying the slow and relaxed Mediterranean way of life. I also love to travel to Scandinavia to immerse myself in the culture and design – I’m always after my next cinnamon bun and great cup of coffee.

Charlotte Sintrat Home Details | Image Source LePetitFika.com

If you could have just one product from Utility, what would it be?

“The black Muuto Around Coffee Table in large. It’s been on my wish list for a while.”

Are there any Instagram accounts that you love and think we should be following?

“There are so many inspiring accounts and people out there, but to name a few of the ones I love:

@thesefourwallsblog – @selina.lauck – @septemberedit – @hegeinfrance – @aboutthishaus

@i_love_you_wedding – @designhunter_uk – @swantjeundfrieda


Finally, we’d like to do some reading over lunch – which of your recent blog articles should we start with?

“If you are passionate about British design and lighting then you might like my interview with Simon Terry, brand and innovation director at Anglepoise, one of my all time favourite brands.”

Charlotte Sintrat Home Details | Image Source Le Petit Fika

You can find Charlotte on Instagram here and on her blog here.

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Photography Credit: Charlotte Sintrat

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