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Utility Follows | Allan Torp – Bungalow5dk

18th January 2018

For this week’s edition of ‘Utility Follows’ we had the pleasure of chatting to interior blogger and author of “Scandinavian Style at Home” Allan Torp about his blog bungalow5.dk

Embarrassingly, despite following Allan on Instagram for over a year, we actually missed the connection when we first decided to stock his book in our store. It was only after catching up with Allan for this feature that it all suddenly clicked. It all made sense of course – the content within Scandinavian Style at home was as beautifully put together and well considered as Allan’s blog and IG account are.

If like us you’re keen to find out more about Allan’s personal style and the accounts he draws inspiration from on Instagram, you can read the full conversation below.

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Image Credit | Allan Torp - Bungalow5dk

What inspired you to start blogging?

I was working in PR at the time I started blogging. It was a relatively new media in Denmark at the time. I started in 2010 and most of the bloggers I knew about were lifestyle and fashion bloggers. I decided that I was too old and to boring in my fashion sense, and felt that our great Danish interior design history wasn’t being shared enough. I’ve always loved interiors, so that made me start. So much has changed since. In the beginning I was anonymous and blogged under the name A. It was only interior design, no great camera phones, and certainly no Instagram. After 4 years I started blogging fulltime, which I still do today, 4 years later.”

How would you describe bungalow5.dk?

“First and foremost Bungalow5 is an International blog and the primary Danish blog for those who are passionate about design in all its forms, and for those seeking inspiration and unique ways to decorate a modern, comfortable and stylish Scandinavian style home. But it’s also everything I see on my way from travel experiences to fancy cars and city guides to grooming.”

Image Credit | Allan Torp - Bungalow5dk

Does your interior style extend to other areas of your life? (Your wardrobe, the places you visit etc??

“Yes, indeed. My wardrobe is pretty much the same colour scheme as the rest of my house although I am much more bold when it comes to my interior style. I’m definitely adding more colour to my home than my wardrobe. My home reflects how I am as a person, being more and more conscious about where things are designed and manufactured. This also translate to where I stay when I travel. Mess and bad quality bugs me, so a hotel needs to demonstrate this too, just like any other company I choose to spend my money with, e.g. restaurants, airline companies, fashion brands etc.”

Image Credit | Allan Torp - Bungalow5dk

If you could have just one product from Utility, what would it be?

“This year I want to safe for a new office chair. Right now I sit on one of my dining chairs, so it is much needed. I think the Eames EA207 soft pad armchair in black leather would suit both my office and me very, no VERY well.”

Image Credit | Allan Torp - Bungalow5dk

Are there any Instagram accounts that you love and think we should be following?

“I have a few yes. I really enjoy ;

Finally, we’d like to do some reading over lunch – which of your recent blog articles should we start with?

“I have just shared three posts on things to come in 2018, a trend forecast; New Conscious Nature, Industrial Shiny Scandinavian, and Voluminous Greenery. If you like what you see and how I write, I think you should go ahead an order my first book “Scandinavian Style at Home”.

Image Credit | Allan Torp - Bungalow5dk

You can find Allan on Instagram here and on his blog here.

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Photography Credit: Allan Torp

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