Zeitraum Hide & Park


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  • Oak
  • American Walnut
    American Walnut
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  • Designer : Kaschkasch
  • Material : Solid Oak/Walnut
  • Dimensions :
    H: 15cm; W: 45cm; D: 6cm
    H: 15cm; W: 100cm; D: 6cm
    H: 15cm; W: 160cm; D: 6cm 
  • Delivery : 8-10 Weeks


Behind the simplicity of Kaschkasch's Hide & Park by Zeitraum hide numerous possibilities. There are places for daily companions such as a wallet, mobile phone, keys, and even post/invitations, as well as items of clothing. This multi-purpose storage shelf is impressive in that its functions - hanging from underneath and depositing from above - are housed in the least possible depth.

The Hide & Park storage shelf is available in 3 different lengths and can be purchased in either European Oak or American Walnut.

Wood Details:
Oak - Firm, hard and elastic with visible annual rings.
American Walnut - Black-brown colour with striped texture and fine-poured marking.

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