Muuto Stacked Shelves


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  • Small Unit
    Small Unit
  • Small Unit with back
    Small Unit with back
  • Medium Unit
    Medium Unit
  • Medium Unit with back
    Medium Unit with back
  • Large Unit
    Large Unit
  • Large Unit with back
    Large Unit with back
  • Podium Base
    Podium Base
  • Pack of 5 Clips
    Pack of 5 Clips
  • Medium Unit with door
    Medium Unit with door
  • Small Acoustic Panel**
    Small Acoustic Panel**
  • Medium Acoustic Panel**
    Medium Acoustic Panel**
  • Large Acoustic Panel**
    Large Acoustic Panel**
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  • Designer : JDS Architects
  • Material : Natural ash veneer or painted MDF
  • Dimensions
    Large Unit : 65.4cm x 35cm - Depth 35cm 
    Medium Unit : 43.6cm x 35cm - Depth 35cm  
    Small Unit : 21.8cm x 43.6cm - Depth 35cm  
    Podium L : 131cm; W: 35cm; H: 20cm
  • Delivery : 4 - 6 Weeks (excluding new units, see below)
  • Please allow a 6-8 week lead time for Medium Units with doors
  • .

**Acoustic panels do not include a shelf



  • The Scandinavian styled, versatile shelving system offers endless possibilities - using alone or mixing and matching.
  • Its modular design allows you to create your own unique shelving/storage configuration.
  • Configurations can be added to or rearranged, allowing them to continually meet the needs of your space.
  • There are three sizes available - with or without backs - in various colours. An optional podium allows you to raise them off the floor
  • A new addition to the stacked system is the option to select medium units with doors or acoustic panels.
  • Options with backs on allow for easy wall mounting
  • Additional clips in various colours allow you to clip them together if required.


Stacked is the most versatile of shelving systems with unlimited possibilities. Designed by JDS Architects for Muuto Stacked are boxes in three sizes in four colours (white, light grey, dark grey or natural ash) with or without backs. They're effectively building blocks from which to create your own unique shelving system. They can be added to to expand your storage needs, mixed and matched in colours and are easy to re-arrange and change. Simple metal clips in various colours are used to clip them together. These have rubber backing on them to stop them scratching the units. An optional 'podium' or base is also available in one size to raise your Stacked units off the floor.

This year, Muuto have introduced new additions to the best selling stacked- Medium Units with doors and Acoustic Panels. The former's refined door solution has the same clean design language as the rest of the system, but incorporates a soft, push-open function, so you can open up a new area for use, or store away your mess. The latter introduces three gorgeous new colours to the storage system in the form of Acoustic Panels made from PET- Felt, and is ideal for open-plan spaces where acoustic reduction is needed.

- See the Stacked Configurator to build your own system
- Each Stacked unit with a back comes with one clip and a wall bracket for wall mounting
- Extra clips can also be purchased separately - see Muuto Stacked Shelving Clips

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