Magis Pingy The Penguin


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  • Designer : Eero Aarnio
  • Year of Design : 2011
  • Material : Polyethylene
  • H: 70cm x 67cm x 40cm
  • Delivery : 4 - 6 Weeks


Pingy is the loveable wobbling penguin chick designed by Eero Aarnio for Magis. The shape of the head, cute little beak and the almond shaped eyes have the same proportions to real penguin chicks. This little penguin has perhaps had a little too much to eat and but his round belly allows it to mimic the realistic waddling movement, which makes him so loveable and cute. Touch him and Pingy will wobble on his base to the delight of everyone. A loveable and engaging addition to any children's room or garden.

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