Magis Proust Chair


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  • Black - £765.00
  • Blue - £765.00
  • Orange - £765.00
  • Red - £765.00
  • White - £765.00
  • Multicolour - £1,258.00
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  • Design : Alessandro Mendini
  • Year of Design : 2011
  • Material : Rotational moulded Polyethylene
  • H: 105cm; W: 104cm; D: 90cm
  • Seat Height : 39cm
  • Delivery : 4 - 6 weeks


The Magis Proust Chair was designed by Alessandro Mendini. It's based on the design of his original Proust Chair for Studio Alchimia in 1978, called "Poltrona di Proust". This design was a romantic, baroque design on which an endless number of polychromatic points were painted by hand using the 'pointillism' technique. These points invade the whole armchair, its fabric and the wooden decorations. From 1978 the Poltrona di Proust was produced in many versions, different in colours, materials and dimensions - including bronze and ceramic versions! It travelled around the world and was hosted in many museums.

In homage to the original Mendini has created this utilitarian version in conjunction with Magis for production on an commercial scale. The Magis Proust Chair is made from rotational-moulded polyethylene, making it a technical gem. In various block colours and a multicoloured version this new version of thew Proust Chair is weatherproof and, as such, is suitable for outdoor use.

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