Fritz Hansen Swan Chair - Leather Upholstery


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  • Basic Leather (Black) - £5,239.00
    Basic Leather (Black)
  • Classic Leather - £5,746.00
    Classic Leather
  • Elegance Leather - £6,726.00
    Elegance Leather
  • White Leather - £6,726.00
    White Leather
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  • Designer : Arne Jacobsen
  • Year of Design : 1958
  • Material : Synthetic frame, cold cured foam, leather & steel base
  • H: 79cm; W: 74cm; D: 74cm
  • Seat Height : 40cm
  • Delivery
    • 2 - 3 Weeks 'Quickship' - Black Classic Leather
    • 8 Weeks - All other models and finishes


The original Fritz Hansen Swan Chair, like the Egg Chair, was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen - a project for which Jacobsen designed everything from the building itself right down to the furniture and bathroom taps. With its daring curves the design of the Swan Chair was groundbreaking in furniture design and since then it has become a design classic - not least because of its commercial popularity. With its instantly recognisable silhouette and star shaped swivel aluminium base the Swan Chair also boasts a tilt feature and, as an additional option, an automatic return feature, which places the chair back in its original position when the sitter gets up to leave.

Manufactured by Fritz Hansen in Denmark the Swan Chair has seen many copies made. Here at Utility we only sell the Fritz Hansen original.

This is the leather upholstered version in various colours and grades.

Danish hides of the highest quality ensuring the animals have good living conditions so the hides have fewer natural markings.
Basic Leather : A smooth looking type of leather with a fine grain print. Very durable, robust and easy to look after as well as being greaseproof. The leather is soft and pleasant to the touch and offers excellent sitting comfort.
Classic Leather : A durable and very user-friendly type of leather with a slight grain. Resilient to dirt and light exposure, the leather maintains its looks over time.
Elegance Leather : An exquisite type of leather of the finest quality oxhide offering excellent sitting comfort as well as a feeling of exclusivity. An aniline leather, it has an exclusive and natural look and is soft and pleasant to the touch. The leather has a natural surface structure and all natural markings are visible giving the chair a unique sense of character. The leather acquires a beautiful darker patina with use and exposure to sunlight.
White Leather : The finest quality oxhide, soft to the touch and offering excellent sitting comfort. Treated with a light finish, the hide is resilient and easy to look after.

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