Woud Racket Trays


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  • Oak
  • Smoked Oak
    Smoked Oak
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  • Designer : Terkel Skou Steffensen
  • Dimensions :
    Small : H: 3cm; W: 18cm; D: 16.5cm
    Medium : H: 3cm; W: 28cm; D: 26.5cm
    Large Height : H: 3cm; W: 38cm; D: 36.5cm
  • Material : Solid Oak
  • Delivery : 3 - 4 weeks


Great Reasons to buy the Woud Racket Trays

  • Made from solid oak, the shape is inspired by the traditional tennis racket.
  • Can be used as a food serving tray or to display objects on a desk.
  • The handle makes it easy to carry and also works as a stop when stored vertically.
  • Available in varying sizes and finishes.

Why You'll Love This Serving Tray

The Racket Trays from Woud are solid oak trays that can function as food serving trays or be used decoratively. Use them to display and store small items on a desk or table or at a dinner party. The handle of the tray makes it easy to carry and also acts as a stop when stored vertically.

The Racket Trays are available in three sizes and two finishes to suit a range of interior needs.

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