Vitra Miniature 1952 Diamond Chair


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  • Designer : Harry Bertoia
  • Year of Design : 1952
  • Dimensions : 115mm x 190mm x 135mm
  • Made in Germany


This is a scale model of the Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia, designed in 1950/52. Bertoia's designs not only addressed functional requirements but were also studies in form and space. Initial attempts at mechanical production were abandoned when it was found that the chairs were easier to manufacture by hand.

As part of the Vitra Design Museum collection these miniature editions of classic chairs all form part of modern furniture design history. The construction, materials and colours correspond to the historical Vitra Design Museum collection originals, right down to the last detail. Because they are so true to the originals, the miniatures are not only valuable collector's items, but also ideal illustrative materials for universities, design colleges and architects.

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