Carl Hansen CH337 Dining Table


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  • Soaped Beech - £2,181.00
    Soaped Beech
  • Oiled Beech - £2,236.00
    Oiled Beech
  • Soaped Oak - £2,592.00
    Soaped Oak
  • Oiled Oak - £2,647.00
    Oiled Oak
  • Oiled Walnut - £3,940.00
    Oiled Walnut
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  • Designer: Hans J. Wegner
  • Year of Design : 1962
  • Material : Stainless steel & solid wood
  • Dimensions : H: 72cm; W: 140cm; D: 115cm
    Tabletop Edge: 2.6cm
  • Delivery : Some available on 'Quickship' (2-3 Weeks) or 4-6 Weeks


The extendable Carl Hansen CH337 Dining Table, designed by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen, demonstrates his unrivalled craftsmanship. This round dining table exhibits Wegner's talent with solid wood, evident through the interconnecting solid wood forms supporting the thick tabletop. Smooth linear beams extend underneath along the width and depth of the tabletop, slotting into the legs to create organic joints. Architectural detailing plays a prominent attribute in the frame design. Along the top of the tabletop a separation line is visible which opens out for each extension leaf to drop into its centre (if required) which accommodates a maximum of two leaves.

A wooden support leg is included which is placed in the centre of the extended table. When not in use this is discreetly secured to the underneath of the tabletop, forming part of a compact design within the extension mechanism. Each extension leaf measures 115cm x 60cm.

The tabletop can be selected from a range of options which include solid oak with a soaped or oiled finish as well as oiled walnut

PLEASE NOTE Black and grey MDF extension leaves can be selected (ideal if you're covering with a tablecloth) or leaves in the same wood and finish. If more than one extension leaf is requested, only one of the solid wood extension leaves is produced from the exact same wood as the tabletop.

Oil - Grain and structure are visible; lighter than soap; creates lustre and brings out contrast in grain and structure. Darkens over time to a rich patina.
Soap - The closest to raw wood; grain and structure are visible; light in colour.

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