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FDB Mobler - Modern and Classic Danish Furniture and Lighting

FDB Møbler is a Danish furniture manufacturer whose origins started with the joint purchasing association FDB (which was established with the purpose of ensuring members favourable prices on food) hired some young, courageous furniture architects to design some beautiful, functional furniture at attractive prices. The establishment of FDB Møbler was a demonstration that quality furniture was not only reserved for the most affluent in society, but for those less well off too. FDB Møbler had their heyday from the 1950s to the 1970s, but they did not follow the trend of the time where other manufacturers were producing new, mass-manufactured furniture. Today, consumers are ready to rediscover FDB Furniture with its focus on quality and excellent craftsmanship. In addition to reviving the old classics, new models are developed based on the same values.

Behind the FBD Møbler logo is a unique story of cooperation. They were born out of the cooperative movement, the idea of taking responsibility for the common good. It's still about beautiful, functional design for everyone. However, now more than ever the oak and beechwood furniture inspires FDB Møbler to take joint responsibility for the Earth's resources. They want to be Denmark's most responsible furniture company, and this is why they are already doing far more than the law requires. For the environment, health and safety FDB only use FCS certified wood. When they fell a tree, they plant a new one so that the forest and the framer are not affected. To find out more about the FDB Møbler philosophy and what they're doing to stay responsible, watch the video below.

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38 Products 38 Products

FDB Mobler FAQ's

What was the inspiration for FDB Møbler? "Furniture must serve people" - Børge Mogensen.

How much space do you need to stretch out your arms? How should a chair’s backrest be angled so that you can sit back properly? Everything from FDB Møbler is designed to last a lifetime, through moves from one place to another, through childhood dancing on tabletops, through adulthood settling on the sofa with the kids and the dog.

Their fundamental design concept cuts right to the bone: no superfluous embellishment to diminish the beauty of simplicity, no trendiness to detract from true timelessness. In short, honest design and solid craftsmanship 360 degrees around, so that even the undersides of our tables and chairs have nothing to hide. Behind every FDB Møbler product is a designer dedicated to creating value for people, both here and now and in the future.
Sustainability at the core of FDB Møbler FDB Møbler aims to be Denmark’s most responsible furniture company—that is the foundation and starting point for everything they do. The footprint they care most about leaving is in the form of stories from the lives of people who have felt at home with our furniture.

Everything FDB Møbler produce in wood is FSC®- C164841 certified, just as all their textiles bear the OEKO-TEX label. The overall goal is to see everything from the smallest stool to the largest corner sofa qualify for the Nordic Swan label.

"FDB Møbler’s history dates proudly back to 1942, and we consider it our responsibility to help ensure that our grandchildren’s children get to hear our story in a world still blessed by the gifts of sun, wind and water."

FDB Møbler at Utility Utilitydesign.co.uk is an official FDB Møbler dealer. This means that we can supply all FDB Møbler products and order them directly from the manufacturer. You can rest assured that any FDB Møbler design purchased from us, is an officially licensed piece - you won't find any replicas at Utility. If you're looking for an FDB Møbler product that you can't see on our website, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team at sales@utilitydesign.co.uk and we'll be happy to help.
Do the products come with a warranty? All original FDB Møbler furniture comes with a 10 year guarantee* If you treat and use your furniture as recommended, but still experience flaws or defects, FDB Møbler A/S will reimburse you with either a repair, replacement, or credit note. See the FDB Møbler website for terms & conditions. All original Bolia designs come with a 10 year warranty. View complete warranty terms here.
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