Normann Copenhagen Flip Mirror


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  • Designer : Javier Moreno Studio
  • Dimensions : H : 31.9cm; W : 23.6cm; D : 6cm
  • Material : Powder coated steel & Mirrored Glass
  • Delivery : 2 - 3 weeks for non stock colours


Great Reasons to buy the Normann Copenhagen Flip Mirror

  • Flip is fully adjustable, allowing for vertical/horizontal tilt as well as 360 degree rotation.
  • A handy built in tray offers additional functionality.
  • Flip's sleek and simple design lends itself to a host of interior styles.
  • Perfect for use on a bedside table, makeup station or for bathroom appication.

Why You'll Love This Mirror

Designed by Javier Moreno Studio for Normann Copenhagen, Flip is a multi functional mirror that fits almost all interior styles. Consciously avoiding a geometric design when making Flip, the designers focussed on creating a more free and organic shape. The idea being that the soft silhouette would contrast with the steel and glass to give Flip a friendly and accomodating expression.

The ambition of the Spanish design studio was to create a simple mirror that offered more than its traditional counterpart. Inspired by the classic dressing table where one would check ones appearance in the mirror but at the same time keep in reach their essential items such as keys, makeup, change etc.

Typically, a mirror has only one function, but I wanted to design a mirror that could offer more. You usually look in the mirror just before leaving the house, so why not let it be there where you keep the last things you use to get ready, or need to remember just before you go?” - Javier Moreno Studio

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