Muuto Folded Shelf


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  • Designer : Johan Van Hegel
  • Material : Acrylic powder coated bended 1.5 mm sheet of steel.
  • Dimensions :
    Small: L: 50cm; H: 22cm; D: 6.9cm
    Medium: L: 62cm; H: 16.5cm; D: 12.4cm
    Large: L: 95cm; H: 13cm; D: 11.4cm
  • Delivery : 4-6 weeks


Great Reasons to Buy the Muuto Folded Shelf

  • Folded is a decorative and functional shelf designed to organise and display essential everyday objects.
  • It features folded corners and exposed bolts and hooks for hanging bags, scarves and other accessories.
  • In four colours and three sizes, play with shapes and shades to create a gallery of shelves on your wall.
  • Its minimalist aesthetic will complement a variety of interior settings.

Why You'll Love This Shelf

Folded is a versatile shelving system for organising and displaying essential everyday objects. Designed by Johan Van Hegel for Muuto, it features an exposed bolt and hooks for hanging accessories, making it perfect for those busy days when you need things close at hand. An innovative bending technique gives it a beautiful shape- Folded has a soft rounded corners with a tall edge and dividing compartment, creating extra depth when mounted to the wall.

Suitable for organising anything from mail and books to cosmetics and spices, or simply for displaying your favourite objects, the functionality of this shelf is endless. In four colours and three sizes it will look great on its own or in a group in any room of the home, be it the hallway, bathroom, bedroom or living room. With its calm, minimalist aesthetic Folded will suit a whole host of interior settings.

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