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  • Designer : Big-Game
  • Stackable laundry basket
  • Small size available separately
  • Material : Polypropylene plastic
  • Dimensions : L : 57.5; W : 37.5; H : 64.5cm


Great Reasons To Buy The Hay Laundry Basket

  • The laundry basket from Hay is a simple piece of Danish design made for every day living.
  • A versatile home accessory, it can be used for storing and transporting laundry, collecting old newspapers or storing toys and clothes.
  • With its contemporary, pared down aesthetic you could have them in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or wash room- they'll look great even when not in use.
  • Available in small and large sizes, the baskets stack for transport, with their flat rims serving as a handle that can be accessed from all sides.

Why you'll love this Laundry Basket

This Laundry Basket from Hay is a modern take on the classic, ubiquitous plastic basket. Made from polypropylene, it's designed for storing and transporting laundry, but also has the versatility and durability to suit other functions, like storing toys or newspapers.

This is the large version of the basket, but a small version is also available here as a separate listing. Both sizes are stackable, but the small model also fits into the large and can be used as a lid. Adding to their practicality, both feature a flat rim running along the top of the basket, serving as a handle that can be accessed from all sides. This means that whether bought alone or in multiple- in one size or both, these baskets really couldn't be easier to lift, hold and transport around the house!

The Hay Laundry Basket is a new product available to pre-order in grey. With its beautifully understated appearance you could have it in any room of the home - it will look great even when not in use!

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