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Corkcicle Wine Cooler is the award-winning all-in-one solution for perfect wine, offering a revolutionary way to chill your bottle from the inside. The temperature of a wine can truly effect its taste. Wine left on the counter becomes unpleasantly warm, tasting too much like alcohol, yet wine left in an ice bucket becomes too cold, robbing the flavour. This Corkcicle is a simple and easy to use cooling accessory specially designed to both chill and aerate your favourite wine for up to an hour.

For White Wine or Rosé, simply pop your Corkcicle Wine Cooler in the freezer for an hour and pour out your first glass of wine to make room for the Corkcicle. Then place the Corkcicle into your bottle to keep it cool for up to an hour, or until the bottle is finished.

For red wine, a common misperception is that it should be served at the average room temperature which is 72 degrees. However, red wine is actually best when served at cellar temperature which is 60 degrees. Leaving your Corkcicle in the freezer for 15 minutes before placing it in your favourite bottle of Merlot, Shiraz or other red delights, will slightly cool your drink whilst enhancing its flavour.

TheCorkcicle Wine Cooler is a great solution to an age old problem and is a fantastic gift for wine-lovers this season. Unlike ice buckets, it's easy to store, light to carry and certainly won't make a mess!

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