Lampe Gras

Lampe Gras from DCW Editions originated in 1921 in Paris when Bernard-Albin Gras created a series of lamps for use in office and industrial environments. This series of lamps, synonymously named the GRAS lamp, had strong architectural and industrial influences and although it was very robust - it was ergonomic too. It was arguably the first light that had an appeal in both a professional and residential setting.

In its development Lampe Gras attracted the attention of other great designers like Le Corbusier who used the lamps in his own studio as well as employing them in many architectural products. Others such as Robert Mallet-Stevens, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann and Eileen Gray followed this trend too. Today, the GRAS lamp has become a sought after collector’s item all over the world, most notably in France, in the United States and in Japan. Bernard-Albin Gras’s talented and visionary design has proven to be timeless.