Top Pinterest Travel Trends for 2017

26th May 2017

Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration for trip planning but with over 3 billion ideas disseminating from its travel category, scrolling through its pins can be a little overwhelming! Lucky for us Pinterest have released its 2017 Travel Trend Report, containing the top travel destinations and activities jet-setters are pinning. Following our round up of the Pinterest 2017 Wedding Trend Report we thought we’d do the same with the travel report. If you’re looking for a last minute summer getaway- here’s 9 trending destinations to consider!


Searches for travel in Iceland have gone up 54% year on year and it’s not hard to see why. The land of natural wonders is an amazing place to visit all year round despite offering entirely different experiences depending on the season. Iceland in the winter is a frozen mega-land that brings to mind a ‘beyond the wall’ scene from Game of Thrones (in fact, much of the series is filmed in Iceland) whilst during the summer it experiences 24/7 daylight due to the phenomenon of ‘midnight’ sun. Whatever time of the year you visit there’s so much to see and do, it’s no wonder the country has experienced a remarkable growth in tourism in recent years.

Top Icelandic attractions include the Northern Lights, Gulfoss Waterfalll, Þingvellir National Park and of course the Blue Lagoon. Check out this comprehensive Guide to Iceland Travel for more tips on when to go & where to visit.

Natural Hot Springs

One of the reasons why Iceland is such a popular destination can be explained by another trend: Natural thermal baths. Thermal baths reduce stress, increase circulation and can help relieve pain, which might explain why pins for these have gone up 203% YoY. Known as the City of Spas Budapest is an obvious choice of destination for hot springs, with many of its 16th and 17th-century Turkish baths still in use today. However many beautiful destinations in Europe are home to this phenomena- there’s even a Roaman-built thermal pool in Bath in the UK, where you can bathe as the Celts and Romans did 2000 years ago!

Check out Lonely Planets round up of 20 Natural Hot Springs in Europe for more natural wonders inspo. 

Swimming Holes

And whilst we’re on the subject of natural wonders, swimming hole pins have gone up 183% YoY. This is one of the many trends that indicate jet setters are craving calming, outdoorsy retreats over clichê tourist hotspots. Luckily for these travellers there’s an abundance of stunning secret swimming holes to be admired all over the globe with North America, Samoa and Mexico being home to some of the clearest natural pools in the world.

Fancy a dip? Check out these Top 10 Breathtaking Natural Swimming Holes

Ghost Towns

There are hundreds of eerie, abandoned ghost towns scattered across the United States and these appear to be the latest trend for thrill-seekers, with searches for ghost towns  up +188% YoY. Top pins reveal old mines, haunted houses, spooky cities and remnants of the Old West. If you’re planing a road trip round America,  a visit to one of these ghost towns makes a spine-chilling adventure!

Wellbeing Retreats

Do you ever come back from a holiday feeling like you need, well, another holiday? City breaks and group holidays can be so exciting but they often do little to help you de-stress if your itinerary is packed with sight seeing and boozing. According to Pinterest, health, fitness and wellness trips are 2017’s remedy to our chaotic urban lifestyles. People are looking to travel to destinations for marathon running, ‘bikini’ boot camp sessions and yoga retreats, with searches for fitness travel +618% YoY and searches for meditation retreats +88% YoY.

Check out blogger Camille Style’s top recommendations for wellness and yoga retreats in exotic destinations.

Digital Detox

These days it’s hard to take a picture at a tourist hotspot without someone else trying to take a picture of the said tourist hotspot getting in the way. The desire to photograph all of our travel experiences is understandable but, sometimes the quest for the best Instagram picture can stop us feeling like we’re actually ‘present’ when we visit amazing sights and landmarks. In an age of digital addiction (the average person checks their phone at least 85 times a day), holidays are becoming less and less about unplugging, which is why many travellers are now searching for tech-free holidays. According to Pinterest searches for ‘digital detox’ have increased +200% YoY and searches for forest bathing +152% YoY.

If you need to curb your addiction to wifi- here’s 10 Off-the Grid Holidays for a tech-free getaway.

The  Party Holiday

The popularity of wellness and detox destinations is not to say the time for party holidays has been and gone. Far from seeking mindfulness through quiet retreats, twenty-something backpackers are heading to bustling cities and boozy beaches for an adventure, with searches for Thailand’s Full Moon Party up 67% YoY and searches for Brazil’s Carnival up a whopping 900% YoY. Rio de Janero’s famous carnival is the largest in the world, spanning five full days of drinking, dancing, music and parades. Check out these 11 other cities you definitely want to visit for an adventure holiday in your twenties.

Global taste palette

Travel trends go beyond the destination, influencing everything from fashion and interiors to food and drink. This is reflected in the Pinterest travel trends, with increases in searches for things such as Copenhagen shopping (up 44%), embroidery outfits (up 43%) and Korean beauty (up 125%) being attributed to the growth in travel to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and South Korea. When it comes to food, pinners are also looking for global inspiration, with searches for Shakshuka (a North-African dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions) +125% YoY and searches for Plantain (a popular dish in Latin America) +83%.

Feeling peckish? Here’s 10 quick & easy International Recipes to try from blogger The Wanderlust Kitchen

Artisanal Coffee Shops

Café culture is one of the fastest growing markets in the UK, which has seen a huge rise in the popularity of independent coffee shops in recent years. This has clearly influenced travel trends, with searches for third wave coffee shops up 283% YoY. For those who don’t know (or more accurately don’t care about) the difference between Ecuadorian and Ethiopian coffee beans then a trip to find an authentic coffee shop might not be your biggest priority on your next city break. However when you discover what beauty lies in the local favourites over global chains, you’ll never want to step foot in Costa again (especially when abroad)!

Planning a trip to Paris soon? Check out these Authentic Parisian Cafés you won’t want to miss.

If none of these trends quite float your boat then you can find more great destination ideas over on our Pinterest……

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Clerkenwell Live | Inside Carl Hansen & Son’s London Showroom

25th May 2017

Photos from the Carl Hansen & Søn showroom in London’s Clerkenwell

Carl Hansen was a master furniture and cabinetmaker who opened his first workshop in Odense, Denmark, on October 28, 1908. Still associated with crafted wooden furniture this Danish stalwart of the design classic world’s most famous designer is Hans J. Wegner, creator of their best selling and perennially popular Wishbone Chair. Today, Carl Hansen is led by Knud Erik Hansen, grandson of the founder. The third-generation company now produces enduring classic furniture designs in a new, dedicated facility according to the strictest quality and environmental standards.

Carl Hansen & Son joins a number of international furniture companies with showrooms located in Clerkenwell, and opened its space on Bowling Green Lane in 2015 to coincide with the area’s annual design festival this week.

Not able to make it down to London this week? Fear not, as we’ve got a BTS look into the Carl Hansen showroom, where earlier this week the Danish giants showcased Poul Kjærholm’s earliest dining chair design, the PK1  for the first time.
Carl Hansen & Son Showroom : Featuring the re-released PK1 Chair

Carl Hansen & Son Showroom at Clerkenwell London

Signature Chair at Carl Hansen & Son Showroom at Clerkenwell London

Carl Hansen & Son Showroom at Clerkenwell London : Blush Pink Details

Dining Setup Carl Hansen & Son Showroom at Clerkenwell London

Black is Back : Carl Hansen & Son Showroom at Clerkenwell London

Carl Hansen & Son Showroom at Clerkenwell London : Plum Details

A spot of Colour at Carl Hansen & Son Showroom at Clerkenwell London

Header image credit : Ed Reeve

Have you been to Clerkenwell Design Week this year? Share your photos with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Forget The Flat Pack: Why you should consider designer furniture

24th May 2017
Interior Investment

With the rise in popularity of trends like Scandinavian simplicity, minimalism and slow fashion, coupled with the ever-increasing cost of living; there has been a change in how consumers are behaving. Those who aren’t caught up in the fast-fashion and quick consumer lifestyle are starting to see the value in buying quality, timeless pieces. But this thinking doesn’t need to be applied to just fashion, your home can benefit from it too.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider flogging the flat-pack furniture and start investing in quality designer pieces instead;


The biggest difference between flat-pack, ready to buy furniture and classic contemporary furniture is quality. Manufacturers like Vitra, Knoll & Carl Hansen have spent years perfecting their craft and innovating the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality is achieved. Take a detailed look at a Carl Hansen Wishbone Chair pictured below and you can clearly see the craftsmanship that has gone into creating the joints and flawless finish. As with anything high quality you own, you tend to take that extra little bit of care of it too. Meaning these pieces will stand the test of time, in more way than one…

Quality Designer Furniture

Carl Hansen Wishbone Chair Details

Timeless Appeal

Mid-century modern pieces were given that title because their mid-century designs still have a modern appeal. With a lot of these classic design pieces making a resurgence into our homes, it’s clear to see that these design pieces will always be relevant no matter what the current trends are. Take the Eames Plastic Chair range; due to the recent Instagram hashtag trend #OnMyEames and increasing attention from lifestyle and fashion bloggers it has become the chair of choice for many.

Timeless Appeal

Left: Charles Eames and the Vitra DSRRight: The #OnMyEames trend

Value Appreciation

Many classic design pieces increase in value over time, meaning a chair worth £250 now could go for £1,000’s in the near future. A quick check on Google and we can instantly see an original Eames Plastic Chair from 1958 that is going for around £1,200. Let’s take the another Eames design – the LCW – and see how much the value has appreciated over time;

1945 – Original Cost  – $32.50**
2017 – Original Cost with Inflation Considered – $411
2017 – Actual Cost – $1,415

That’s a staggering $1,000 difference. It is hard to gauge what will become a classic design and what won’t. However, you can expect most of these pieces to hold their value over time so you can at least expect most of your investment back – should you need to sell.

**It’s in $ as that’s the only original cost figure we could find.

Value Appreciation

The Vitra LCW which has been around for over 70 years.


The most obvious but often overlooked reason to buy designer furniture is the actual design itself. Although all furniture is functional and does its job, pieces that have a striking form as well as function will bring that extra bit of joy to your life. The hours spent planning the materials, angles and fixings of contemporary furniture are what really sets it apart from alternatives on the market.

Although very simple in their design, the Artek 60 Stool and Series 7 Chair pictured below clearly show why considered design always wins.

Designer Furniture

Left: Artek 60 StoolRight: Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair

Don’t know your where to start when it comes to mid-century modern furniture pieces? Check out the list below for a quick introduction into some of the most iconic pieces available on the market;

Design Classics

1 – Flos Arco Light – Designed in 1962 by Achille Castiglioni – £1,603
2 – Artek 60 Stool – Designed in 1933 by Alvar Aalto – £170
3 – Vitra Eames DSW Chair – Designed in 1956 by Charles & Ray Eames – £345
4 – Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair – Designed in 1955 by Arne Jacobsen – £349
5 – Vitra George Nelson Bench – Designed in 1946 by George Nelson – £550
6 – Louis Poulsen Panthella Lamp – Designed in  1971 by Verner Panton – £463
7 – Kartell Componibili Storage Unit – Designed on 1969 by Anna Castelli Ferrieri – £72
8 – Carl Hansen Wishbone Chair (CH24) – Designed in 1949 by Hans J Wegner – £543
9 – Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell Wall Light – Designed in 1931 by Christian Dell – £503

Want even more Design Classic inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest account to see some of these great designs in situ.


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Instagram Interiors: 12 Stunning Examples of Vitra in the Home

22nd May 2017

Instagram is a never-ending source of interior inspiration but there’s one brand that’s doing the rounds more than others and that’s Vitra. Vitra’s design classics are not only world-famous, they’re also Insta-famous; the Eames Plastic Chairs, the Eames Lounge Chair & the Vitra Tool Box being just a few designs we constantly see on our feed. Well, when the Eames DSW is so photogenic why wouldn’t your share how you’ve styled yours?  If you’re thinking of investing in some timeless  design or just want to drool over gorgeous interiors we’ve got your covered with our favourite Vitra homes on Instagram.

Vitra Eames DSW Plastic Chair

With an Instagram account dedicated to #OnMyEames it’s safe to say the Eames Chairs are quickly becoming the most photographed pieces of the 21st century. Here the Eames DSW in white with maple legs partners beautifully with the Vitra Nelson Bench to create a stunning Mid-century Modern corner.

Eames DSW & George Nelson Bench 🙌🏻 — 📸 @onmyeames #onmyeames

A post shared by MANimalist (@manimalist) on

The Vitra Eames DAW Plastic Chair

Another famous Eames Plastic Chair- the Vitra DAW is a spacious arm chair with maple legs. It looks beautiful here in the Scandi-white home of our friend Denise at @AboutthisHouse, giving the space a really seamless, minimal appeal. However with 14 mid-century modern shell colours to choose from the DAW can be used to create a whole range of interior looks.

A post shared by Denise (@aboutthishaus) on

Vitra Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

The Eames Lounge Chair is the epitome of design classics in terms of furniture.  It offers endless comfort and is truly timeless, making it really worth the investment. Place in front of a fire or in a cosy corner to create relaxing hygge vibes in the home.

Vitra Panton Chair

The timeless and original Vitra Panton Chair was designed by Verner Panton in 1960 and was the very first fully plastic chair made from a single section.  In this interior the chairs are partnered with a Knoll Saarinen Tulip Oval Table to create a modern, cosy dining room with so much design character. The Tom Dixon Copper Pendant Light looks great too!

A post shared by Tina (@tinatara47) on

Vitra Tool Box

One of our best-selling products, the Vitra Tool Box is a colourful, contemporary storage solution designed by Arik Levy.  This versatile accessory has several compartments making it perfect for  stationery, work materials, desk accessories, makeup brushes and so much more.  Search #vitratoolbox on Instagram for inspiration on styling yours!

A post shared by Je t’ ♡ (@missjettle) on

Vitra Polder Sofa

In the Netherlands Polder refers to the artificial land reclaimed from the sea by means of dikes and drainage canals. The Polder Sofa from Vitra is just as low-lying, just as flat, and places just as much emphasis on the horizontal! This modern design classic may look unconventional but it’s extremely comfortable for both sitting and lying on. Shown here in beautiful blue, it makes a stunning, contemporary addition to the home.

Vitra Eames RAR Rocking Chair

Loved by everyone the RAR Rocking Chair is a further variation of the Eames Plastic Chairs and looks great no matter what room you place it in, be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen or nursery. Add textiles such as a cushion or throw to give it a cosy, hygge look.

A post shared by Pia (@pppiude) on

Vitra LTR Occasional Table

The Vitra Eames LTR Occasional Table is a stunning design classic at an affordable price. This versatile piece not only works as a bedside or coffee table for displaying your favourite books and home accessories, but also comes in handy as a stand for your wine when paired with a lounge chair or sofa!

A post shared by sonja appelman (@zusinterieur) on

Vitra  Nelson Bench

Designed in 1946 the Nelson Bench by Vitra looks just as good in this modern apartment as it did 71 years ago thanks to its timeless, beautiful expression.

A post shared by Fredrik Risvik (@fredrikrisvik) on

Vitra Eames DSR Plastic Chair

With its metallic chrome legs the Vitra DSR has an industrial yet elegant appeal and looks stunning here in this monochrome apartment.

A post shared by Utility (@utilitydesign_co_uk) on

Vitra Wooden Dolls

The Vitra Wooden Dolls are timeless collectables that offer a stunning way to add colour to your interior. Originally designed by Alexander Girard the dolls were inspired by native American art. Now reproduced by Vitra, the expanding collection includes 23 individually hand-painted wooden dolls in different shapes and sizes, plus a wooden cat, a wooden dog, wooden fish and a wooden devil.

Vitra Hang It all

The Hang It All Coat Rack seems almost too good to cover with coats! Designed in 1953 by Charles Eames it’s a true design classic that will brighten up or enhance any hallway with its sleek, minimal design. Available in 5 colours you’ll find many copies on the market but it’s the original Eames design that will truly stand the test of time.

A post shared by Tiina Ilmavirta (@designwash) on

Have you got some Vitra design in your home? Tag us on Instagram or Pinterest– we’d love to see!

Discover more Vitra Over on our Pinterest or shop the full collection online here

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British Sandwich Week | Get Your Liverpool Sandwich Fix

15th May 2017
Liverpool Sandwich Fix | National Sandwich Week

Celebrating British Sandwich Week

Bread + Fillings = Yum. It’s a simple formula but one that is loved the world over. British Sandwich Week runs from 14th to 20th May and we’re kicking it off with a celebration of Liverpool’s best. Long gone are the days when a sandwich was just a quick fix to get you through the day. A rise in popularity of coffee shops, brunch spots and healthy eating have seen the humble sarnie become an experience. Put down the supermarket meal deal and grab a bite at these local gems.

Did you know……

In 1762 during a 24 hour gambling streak, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, is said to have ordered his cook to prepare his food in such a way that would not interfere with his game. He was consequently presented with sliced beef between two pieces of toast, which could be eaten with one hand, leaving the other free to play cards. The trend caught on, and soon others began to order ‘the same as sandwich’. Thus a  humble snack became what is today quite possibly the most iconic British culinary invention- the Sandwich.

Cow & Co Cafe | 15 Cleveland Square, Liverpool L1 5BE

A post shared by Michael. (@mklyns) on

Utility Choice : The Pastrami, Swiss Cheese & Pickles on Sourdough

– –

Unit 51 | Baltic Creative, Jamaica Street, Liverpool L1 0AF

Unit 51 | Image Courtesy of Shaun Donnelly

Utility Choice : Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel

– –

Baltic Bakehouse | 46 Bridgewater St, Liverpool L1 0AY

Utility Choice : The Bacon & Sausage Together

– –

Leaf | 65-67 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EZ

A post shared by Jenny Heyside (@theblondera) on

Utility Choice : Falafel & Grilled Halloumi Flatbread

– –

The Bagelry | 42 Nelson St, Liverpool L1 5DN

Utility Choice : Breakfast Bagel

– –

East Avenue Bakehouse | 112 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HY

A post shared by Shaun (@shaunyness) on

Utility Choice : Family Tradition


Where is your go-to sandwich fix in Liverpool? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

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