Whiskey Notes : Tasting and Distilling Logbook


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  • Authors : Colin Spoelman & David Haskell
  • L : 21.2cm; W :13.3cm; H : 2.1cm
  • ISBN : 978-1-4197-1576-1


Conceived by the proprietors of Kings County Distillery,Whiskey Notes is a whiskey journal designed to encourage you to explore a breadth of whiskeys and compare your tasting notes over time. The set includes a whiskey tasting journal, a fold out poster of the American whiskey family tree and a home distilling register that will guide the whiskey enthusiast through a personal exploration of the multifaceted spirit. The slipcase is wrapped in a removable band featuring the King's County Distillery branding, adding a to add a cool design element to the journal. Time to get to know your whiskeys!

***About the Authors:
Colin Spoelman and David Haskell are the founders of Kings County Distillery, the oldest whiskey distillery in New York City and the first in operation since Prohibition. Colin, a former rooftop moonshiner from Kentucky, and David, the great-grandson of a Prohibition-era bootlegger from New York, fuse ancient practices and modern technology to make small-scale batches of moonshine, bourbon, and other whiskeys.

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