Vitra Zeb Stool


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  • Wood - £559.00
  • Leather - £605.00
  • Soft Leather - £699.00
    Soft Leather
  • Basalt
  • Chocolate
  • Chrome
  • Deep Black
    Deep Black
  • Mint
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  • Designers : Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
  • Year of Design : 2014
  • Material : Die cast aluminium, chromed spring, powder coated swivel column.
  • Made to Order: 6 - 8 weeks


This Zeb Stool, by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Vitra, was designed to fulfil the specific purpose of a bar stool: every individual component is precisely developed in the best quality for its designated function.

All of its parts  seat and swivel mount made of die-cast aluminium, powder-coated column sleeve, chrome-plated gas spring, footrest and base plate  are precisely coordinated down to the smallest details. As a result they not only serve their individual purpose, but are joined together in an elegant, unified whole of the highest quality.

The name "Zeb" refers to Zebedee, the twirling jack-in-the-box character from the BBC childrens television series 'The Magic Roundabout'. The bar stool has a height-adjustable swivel seat. The sleeve of the column comes in various colours, (chrome, powder coated black, basalt and chocolate as well a gloss mint) and the round seat is also available in different versions: in wood, covered in leather (with thin padding) or with a "soft", more padded upholstered seat.

Each have a standard base dimeter of 45cm with the following variations:
Wood : H: 78cm; Seat Ø : 37.5cm
Leather : 80cm; Seat Ø:  39.5cm
Soft : H: 85cm; Seat Ø : 38cm

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