Space Travel Dice


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  • Nine illustrated wooden dice
  • Instructions included


Great Reasons To Buy Space Travel Dice

  • Space Travel Dice will revive the art of story telling for children and adults alike
  • The illustrations on each die are prompts for constructing space adventure tales about cyborgs, mad scientists, monsters and more.
  • An instructions book is included to help construct your stories.
  • The game can be played alone or with any number of friends and family.

Why You'll Love This Game

Space Travel Dice is a set of nine illustrated wooden dice that will stimulate the imagination of adults and children alike. 8 dice are story dice featuring cool and creepy characters like astronauts, aliens and flying saucers, whilst the ninth die gives you superpowers such as time travel and X -Ray vision!

To play, Simply roll the dice and weave together your very own intergalactic adventure, using the instructions book included to help you. Whether you form an army of space troopers to battle giant insects, or use your superpowers to travel at the speed of light, the possibilities for storytelling are endless!

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