Alessi Sleek Jar Spoon

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  • Designers : Achille & Giacomo Castiglioni
  • Year of Design : 1962
  • Material : PMMA plastic
  • Length : 20cm


The design of the Sleek Spoon from Alessi is nothing short of ingenious. It was originally designed by brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962 as an advertising object for Kraft foods and eventually put into production in 1996.

One side of the Sleek Spoon has the same curvature to that of the inside of food jars to give clean scraping, whilst the other side is straight so as to slide along the side.

The Sleek Spoon is great for mayonnaise, jam and all manner of sticky foods! It also has a thumb rest for easy gripping. Once you've had one you'll wonder how you ever did without

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