Normann Copenhagen Analog Magazine Rack


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  • Black
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  • Red
  • White
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  • Designer : Simon Legald
  • Year of Design: 2016
  • Material : Powder Coated Steel
  • Dimensions : H: 38.2cm; L: 41.6cm; D: 23.5cm
  • Delivery: 4 - 6 weeks nor non stock colours


Great Reasons to Buy the Normann Copenhagen Analog Magazine Rack

  • Analogue is a classic magazine rack that doubles as a beautiful and practical piece of design in any modern interior.
  • It features a handle and two separate compartments with hole-patterned sides so you can seen and admire what your store in the rack.
  • Made from industrial coated steel the rack has a modern expression and is available in four calming colours.
  • It's suitably sized to fit on shelves or desktops, but it will also sit nicely on the floor of any room in your home.

Why You'll Love This Magazine rack

The Analog Magazine Rack is a refreshing revolt against the digital world. Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen, its hole-patterned sides are actually inspired by the computer equipment of the 90’s that had similar perforations for cooling down the electronics. The perforated pattern of Analog gives it an appealing transparency, allowing you to see and admire the magazines and books you store in the rack.

Whilst these details have a nostalgic nod to technology, the shape of Analog is timeless: two separate compartments and practical handles form the basis for the design. The Steel used in the rack's construction gives it a modern expression, but the industrial look is softened by the powder coated finish in either blue-grey, red, black or white. An ideal storage solution for any bedroom, living room, shelf or desktop, It's a great way to add some colourful Nordic design to your interior.

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