Moooi Meshmatics Chandelier


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  • Designer : Rick Tegelaar
  • Year of Design : 2017
  • Materials : Galvanised Steel and Brass dome
  • H: 90cm; Diameter: 90cm
  • Solid state LED Light source
  • 950 Lumen
  • Colour Temperature : 2700K
  • Power Consumption : 12W
  • Cable Length : 4m Transparent
  • Main Dimmable (see PDF details for requirements)
  • Delivery : 2 - 3 Weeks


The Moooi Meshmatics Chandelier, designed by Rick Tegelaar for Moooi in 2017 beautifully combines both engineering and elegance in one poetic form. The humble nature of wire mesh netting has been elevated by the development of a machine and set of tools to enable it to me modelled with precision. The full potential of the fine and flexible material is stretched and shaped into three consecutive cones to create a beautiful form.

Meshmatics includes integrated LED light reflects and diffuses through the wire and playful transparencies cascade through the lamps ingenious frame, creating shimmering reflections and casting en elegant net of shadows onto the ceiling. The frame also serves to diffuse some of the heat from the light, keeping it cool.

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