Menu Tumbler Alarm Clock


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  • Carbon - £79.00
  • White - £79.00
  • Stainless Steel - £149.00
    Stainless Steel
  • Brass - £149.00
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  • Menu Tumbler Alarm Clock
  • Specification

    • Designer : Norm Architects
    • Material : Powder coated steel OR brass OR stainless steel
    • Dimensions : Size: H: 10cm; Diameter: 8cm
    • Battery powered
    • Delivery : 4 - 6 weeks


    The Tumbler Alarm Clock was designed by design studio Norm Architects for Menu to add to their increasing collection. The playful alarm clock was inspired by our propensity to take our smartphones to bed and encourages us not to anymore. The alarm clock has simple and straightforward controls allowing you to set the time, set an alarm and snooze the alarm. To snooze the alarm you simply press in the clock face and it will re-activate after 5 minutes. To switch the alarm off, turn the alarm upside-down (clock face facing downwards) and leave until you return to bed the following evening.

    Available in powder coated steel (Black & Carbon), solid brass or stainless steel, the Tumbler Alarm Clock is a must have accessory for the bedroom.

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