Megalopolis & The Visitor From Outer Space


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  • Author : Cléa Dieudonné
  • Hard cover
  • 38 pages
  • Vertical story, three meters long
  • ISBN : 978-050065069
  • Dimensions: 33.8 x 1.8 x 23.6 cm


Come and join the citizens of Massive Megalopolis welcoming a very special visitor! An Alien has arrived from outer space to explore the many wonders of this towering town...

Megalopolis is an original children's book teaming with illustrations and full of funny details. A vertical story, it unfolds to a length of 3 meters long, whilst telling the tale of an alien who travels from space to find a fictional city complete with a zoo, an opera house and an underground network of secret tunnels.

Instead of reading left to right, viewers navigate the story from top to bottom, unfolding panels that reveal a new part of the story and a new section of Megapolis. Each panel contains hidden imagery of unusual scenes and creatures to look out for such as ghosts, thieves, cars, cakes and pastry chefs, giving children something new to look out for on repeat readings.

Wonderfully interactive, Megapolis is perfect for kids who are learning to read and will absorb them into the richly rewarding world of books.

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