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  • 1 roll of MT tape: 15mm x 10m
  • Material: Base; Washi Paper / Glue; Acrylic


Why you'll love MT tape

MT is the original brand of washi paper masking tape, created by the 100 year old company Kamoi Kakoshi and produced in Japan. This vibrant and fun masking tape will brighten up anything you stick it to! Made from Japanese washi paper and acrylic glue, MT Tape has the perfect amount of 'stickiness' meaning it is reusable, repositionable and it won't even damage paint.

Don't just use it like normal tape, get creative and see the many ways you can use MT - use it to create a scrapbook, decorate your journal or create your own art.

MT Masking Tape is the newest craze, let's see if it sticks...

Features of MT Tape

  • Can be used on paper, objects and walls
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • Semi-transparent - tapes can be layered for a unique effect
  • Easy to write on

Watch the below video to see just some of the many uses of MT tape.

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