Kartell Optic Storage Cube


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  • Clear
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Smoke
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  • Designer : Parick Jouin
  • Material : transparent or batch dyed PMMA
  • H: 41cm; W: 41cm; D: 41cm
  • Delivery : 3 - 4 weeks


Optic from Kartell is a storage cube which has a multitude of uses designed by Patrick Jouin. Made from PMMA (plastic) it has a multi faceted surface which is strikingly decorated with square based pyramids (similar to the Stone Stool, also by Kartell).

Optic comes in a range of transparent colours as well as a solid matt black. There are two versions available - open on one side or closed with a door.

The beauty of Optic ,though, lies in its versatility. It can be used singly - such as for a bedside cabinet or side table or built up in blocks or linear compositions to create your own storage facility and with a myriad of colours to choose from Optic is visually impressive too!

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