J. Herbin Refillable Fountain Pen & Ink


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  • Blackcurrant
  • Indian Orange
    Indian Orange
  • Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Pea Green
    Pea Green
  • Periwinkle Blue
    Periwinkle Blue
  • Red Carob
    Red Carob
  • Violet
  • Wild Ivy
    Wild Ivy
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  • Pen Height : 11.5cm
  • Cartridges : 6 per Tn


J. Herbin is the oldest name in ink production in the world. J Herbin himself was a sailor who, through his various sea travels, brought back to Paris formulas for manufacturing sealing wax. Indeed, his special lacquer improved the quality of the seal and it's adhesive quality and neatness made him famous throughout France. By 1700 the company was producing l’Encre de la Tete Noire, followed by Perle des Encres, - known as 'The Jewel of Inks' -and l’Encre des Vaisseaux (The Ink of Ships). J. Herbin made ink for Louis XIV, and a black ink for the sole use of Victor Hugo, author of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' and 'Les Miserables'. These formulas still reside in the company headquarters in Paris.

This clear acrylic fountain pen is a revolution in fountain pen design, embracing the J. Herbin company heritage by offering a unique fountain pen at a fantastic price - with a selection of coloured inks available. The inks come in a range of colours in tins containing six cartridges. A fantastic product at a fantastic price, so what better time to revive the art of handwriting and personalise notes and letters?

Replacement inks are available separately here

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