How To Spot A Hipster


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  • Author : Jeremy Cassar
  • Hard back
  • ISBN : 978-192541803-3
  • Dimensions : 19 x 17cm


Great Reasons To Buy How To Spot A Hipster s

  • How To Spot A Hipster is the only guide you need for identifying Hipsters in their natural habitat.
  • Breaking down the hipster phenomenon into digestible chunks, it covers all areas of the subculture from fashion and diet to lifestyle and behaviour.
  • It contains coloured illustrations throughout

Why You'll Love This Book

Spotting a hipster used to be simple – a guy in his twenties had a beard and rode a bicycle. However over recent years the line between hipster and everyday human has blurred beyond recognition, so it’s understandable if you’ve grown confused.

Luckily, How To Spot A Hipster is a comprehensive manual that will ensure you'll never again appear foolish in front of someone you don't understand by misusing the h-word again. From fashion and physical attributes to diet, lifestyle and behaviour, this witty book covers all aspects of this sub-come-mainstream culture, and even includes an illustrated overview of all the different hipster types. Thanks to this guide you'll soon become a pro at identifying a hipster. You might even discover if you are one yourself!

Think you might be a hipster? Check out the video just to be sure :

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