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  • Designer : Stefan Diaz
  • Year of design : 2016
  • Material : Powder coated aluminium and wooden veneer
  • Component parts :
    Shelves : 3 x Tray Top 100/150, 3 x Shelf Middle 100/150 & 3 x Shelf Bottom 100/150
    Profiles : 2 x Single Profiles, 4 x Double Profiles
    Doors : 3 x Sliding Doors 100/150 & 3 x Handles in same colour as frame
    Panels : 3 x 100/150 Side & Back Panels
  • Overall Dimensions:
    Small : W : 300cm; H : 78.6cm
    Large : W : 450cm; H : 78.6cm
  • Part Dimensions:
    Small: Tray Shelf 100- W : 95cm; D : 34cm; H : 8 cm; Bottom & Middle Shelf 100- W : 100cm; D : 34cm; H2.3 cm; Sliding Door 100- W : 95cm; D : 0.7cm; H : 33cm
    Large: Tray Shelf 150- W : 145cm; D : 34cm; H : 8 cm; Bottom & Middle Shelf 150- W : 150cm; D : 34cm; H : 2.3 cm; Sliding Door 150- W : 145cm; D : 0.7cm; H : 33cm
  • Profiles/Leg Supports : H: 33cm 
  • Delivery : 4-6 weeks


This Long Sideboard is made up of components from the Hay New Order modular shelving system. Three shelves are joined horizontally in three rows to form a versatile nine shelf storage cabinet ideal for bedroom, living room or office use. The top three shelves are tray shelves- effectively shelves but with a wide lip around for a deeper look and for displaying and storing all sorts of objects. Three flat middle and bottom shelves complete the unit, with sliding doors as additional components.

New Order shelves are connected by supporting profiles which slot into the lugs of their adjacent components. Single Profiles are the supports required to stack shelves on top of one another, and come four in a pack. Double Profiles are used to connect two shelves horizontally adjacent to each other (one profile supports a side of two shelves as a single 'leg') and come two in a pack. This sideboard comes with two packs of single and four packs of double profiles for self-assemble.

This configuration is available in six colours and two sizes. The smaller sideboard is composed of 3 x Tray Top 100 (W : 95cm) to go with 3 x Shelf Middle 100 and 3 x Shelf Bottom 100 (W : 100cm). The larger unit is composed of 3 x Tray Top 150 (W : 145cm) to go with 3 x Shelf Middle 150 and 3 x Shelf Bottom 150 (W : 150cm).

Three Sliding Door components with handles, back panels and side panels are included for extra functionality. The doors are made with high-precision design engineering hinges, which physically and visually are so light that you barely notice them. The hinges are designed to be clicked into place without the use of tools, just as the panels simply slide in, and the door is easy to fold. The doors and panels come in four wood finishes with handles in the same colour as the frame.

Sliding Door 100 is used for the smaller unit, and comes with Back Panel 100 (1 back panel & 2 side panels) to create the backs and sides of the cupboard. Likewise, the larger unit uses Sliding Door 150 with Back Panels 150 (1 back panel & 2 side panels). The price shown includes the shelves, doors, panels and handles.

To view other configurations and additional parts or to configure your own module, please visit our Hay New Order page. If more information is required, please email sales@utilitydesign.co.uk

About New Order

New Order is the comprehensive shelving and storage system designed by Stefan Diez from Hay. With endless possibilities New Order gives you the opportunity to create tables, shelves, storage units, media units and office systems. It's only limited by your imagination. With powder coated aluminium frame components in various colours and wooden doors and side panels in four different finishes New Order can be personalised for your own interior design scheme and added to as you desire.

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