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  • Tray Shelf
    Tray Shelf
  • Shelf
  • Legs/Profiles - £29.00
  • Sliding Doors (inc handles)
    Sliding Doors (inc handles)
  • Back and Side Panels
    Back and Side Panels
  • Back Panels (for Wall Units)
    Back Panels (for Wall Units)
  • Wall Brackets (2 pack) - £20.00
    Wall Brackets (2 pack)
  • Additional Handles - £2.00
    Additional Handles
  • Set of 4 wheels - £29.00
    Set of 4 wheels
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  • Material : Powder coated aluminium and wooden veneer
  • Dimensions:
    Trays : H: 8cm; D: 34cm; L: 34cm, 95cm, 145cm and 200cm
    Shelves: H: 2.3cm; D: 34cm; L: 34cm (for corners), 100cm and 150cm
    Profiles/Leg Supports : H: 33cm x 2.2cm (single profile) or 43cm (double and corner profiles)
    Sliding Doors : H: 33cm; D: 0.7cm; L: 95cm (including for corner unit), 145cm and 195cm 
    Panels/Wall Panels : H: 33cm; L: 28cm; 145cm, 195cm
  • Delivery : 4 - 6 weeks


New Order is the comprehensive shelving and storage system designed by Stefan Diez from Hay. With endless possibilities new Order gives you the opportunity to create tables, shelves, storage units, media units and office systems. It's only limited by your imagination. With powder coated aluminium frame components in various colours and wooden doors and side panels in four different finishes New Order can be personalised for your own interior design scheme and added to as you desire. Each components is available separately

New Order Parts Explained

Shelves and Trays - Shelves come in three lengths and trays come in four lengths for you to create your desired unit. Combine lengths and position above, below, adjacent or at right angles to others to get the configuration you require. Trays are effectively shelves with a wide lip around for a deeper look - ideal for containing items. These are available in three types, depending on where you wish to locate them:
Corner Top - For the top of your unit. Has lugs at the bottom to slot into support profiles. For use where you have two units meeting at right handles, to go in the corner.
Corner Middle - Acts as a middle shelf. Like the top but has lugs at the top and bottom so profiles are fitted into both top and bottom 
Corner Bottom - The base of a unit. Has feet so it can sit on the floor and lugs at the top to receive the support profiles.

 Profiles - Profiles are the upright supports or legs with a stanard 33cm height and come in three types in all the aluminium finishes:
Single Profiles - Enough to stack one shelf or tray on top of one another. They come in packs of fours.
Double Profiles - Used where you are placing two shelves horizontally adjacent to each other. In essence one profile supports a side of two shelves as a single 'leg' where you are creating longer compositions. Packed in ones.
Corner Profiles - Used where you have two shelves placed horizontally adjacent to each other at right angles so acts as a single leg at the inner right angle. Packed in ones.

Doors - come in four lengths to fit into the corresponding length of unit. All doors come with handle in same colour as shelves. 
Sliding Door 100 - 95cm long, fits into a 100cm shelf length with a joint half way along. - 
Sliding Door 150 - 145cm long, fits into a 150cm shelf length with three joints along the length
Sliding Door 200 - 195cm long, fits into a 200cm shelf length with three joints along the length
Sliding Door Corner - 95cm long, fits into a corner unit

Panels and Wall Panels - come in three lengths to fit into the corresponding length of shelf or end panels to close off your unit.  Select wall panels if you want to wall mount your units. Each panel comes with a set of two side panels.
Panel 100 - 95cm long, fits into a 100cm shelf length
Panel 150 - 145cm long, fits into a 150cm shelf length
Panel 200 - 195cm long, fits into a 200cm shelf  length
Wall Brackets - these come in pairs (shelf or tray brackets) to enable fixing of each unit to a wall

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