Broste Copenhagen Coconut Scented Candle


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  • Material : Fully refined Parafin Wax
  • Dimensions : Height : 8.3cm; Diameter : 7.4cm
  • Scent : Coconut
  • Fragrance notes : Coconut, Lily of the Valley, Musk, Iris, Sandalwood, Peach
  • Burn time : 33 hours


Light up your home with the authentic ambiance of this beautifully scented Coconut Candle from Broste Copenhagen. Its milky-white wax contains a glorious blend of exotic fragrances, including coconut, lilies, sandalwood and peach. The wax is 100% eco friendly and has a warm, clean burn time of up to 33 hours. In a lovely glass jar it's just the thing you need to create a calm and cosy atmosphere in your living space this winter.

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