Brain Teasers


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  • Includes 140 question cards
  • Includes instructions booklet
  • Dimensions : 55mm x 130mm


Great Reasons To Buy Brain Teasers

  • Brain Teasers includes 140 quiz cards featuring mind-boggling brain-teasers, riddles and conundrums.
  • A light hearted game, it's ideal for any get together and will entertain guests for hours.
  • The cards are packed in an eye-catching vintage box and come with a full set of instructions.

Why You'll Love This Game

A Cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days, and then leaves on Friday. How did he do it?

Put your friends and families to the test with this frustratingly fun Brain Teasers. Featuring a collection of mind-boggling riddles to test you and tease you, it's the perfect activity for gathering together friends and family. An ideal gift for anyone who likes a challenge, it'll have you scratching your heads whilst providing hours of endless fun.

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