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Liverpool Focus : How To Spend LightNight 2018

4th May 2018

Our guide to LightNight 2018

There’s a real buzz around the city on LightNight, which this year is held on Friday 18th May. It’s one of the best nights in Liverpool’s calendar – the evening when artists, designers and creatives open their studios and exhibitions to the general public all evening and well into the early hours. This year is no exception to the rule – with tens of thousands of people expected to take to the streets to discover something new. In 2018, the theme of Transformation feels even more apt. Ten years since it’s Capital of Culture status, Liverpool is still in a constant state of evolution. LightNight is special because it allows us to see our city turned on it’s head: a chance to have a sneak peek behind doors that might often be closed, but more than anything, a chance to be inspired.

“Liverpool is a city full of creative energy and constant change”

“Liverpool is a city full of creative energy and constant change. This LightNight we’ve invited artists to explore the theme of Transformation in all it’s forms, from the personal to the physical. The events programme includes work that looks at the changes of the city around us, changes in our identities and relationships as well as our physical bodies and the environmental changes of Earth itself.” – Christina Grogan, LightNight Organising Team.

With over eighty events held over the one evening – most of them free – there’s so much to choose from. We know from previous experience that it’s impossible to try to see everything, so have compiled a play-by-play guide to the events that stand out to us. We might catch you there!


Presence: A Window to Chinese Contemporary Art : 17.00-21.00
St. George’s Hall, L1 1JJ

Showcasing some of the best Chinese artists working today, this brand new arts exhibition is located in St. George’s Hall. Artworks from the New Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art are on show, from the University of Salford Art Colelction, and this is the first time the work has been displayed together. We’re particularly looking forward to Yan Xing’s work: his interdisciplinary artworks have been shown all over the world.

LightNight Liverpool 2018


Making & Shaking : 18.00-21.00
TATE Liverpool, L3 4BB

The top floor of Tate Liverpool has been transformed by Brazilian collective OPAVIVARÁ! into an immersive environment featuring playful installations. Become an active part of the artwork by sharing ideas, cultural traditions and experiences within the communal spaces that have been created. We’re looking forward to lounging on those giant colourful hammocks – as well sampling the complimentary herbal tea.


Modular Playground : 18.00-20.00
Constellations, L1 0BS

Liverpool-based sound designers and composers Mott & White have created a soundscape with hypnotic audio-visuals and live modular synthesis. Microphones placed around the venue will capture the sounds you make, and the visuals will change in relation to the noise. We’ll be returning to Constellations later in the evening for their Light Night after party.


Anamorphix : 19.00-21.15
Hinterlands, L8 5AF

Audio-visual artist Carlos Bernal presents a new 3D live light installation and performance that uses electronic sounds and LED bars, as well as projection-mapped visuals, to create an immersive experience over two giant screens and the floor beneath your feet. Each performance lasts 30 minutes, and we can’t wait to see it!


The Imago : 20.30-23.00
Liverpool Cathedral, L1 7AZ

Imagine a world where an authentic understanding of relationships emerges – the human fixation with classification breaks down. The Imago tells the life cycle of a moth as a personal history between two people. Presented as a two-screen dialogue with an original musical score, this piece from Liverpool’s In Atoms uses Super 8 collage and manipulation to show slow and blissful loops of sound, dialogue and film footage. The Liverpool Cathedral offering to LightNight is always the biggest and best of the night – so this one is unmissable for us.


After Party: Dance4Mation : 20.30-02.30
Constellations, L1 0BS

Four female artists turn an audio-visual artwork into a dance party piece: starting with Manara, a South London DJ whos mix of Bollywood/Punjabi pop and hip-hop will have us dancing. Funky global grooves will be laid down by Giovanna (SisBis), finishing up with Sandi Hughes spinning party tracks from 1975 – 2005. The Dance4Mation party at Constellations will be the place to finish up Light Night 2018. Tickets are available here  for £4 – see you on the dancefloor.

Excited? See you there!

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