Battle of the Bikes - A Trump Card Game


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  • Illustrated by David Sparshott
  • ISBN : 978-1-85669-932-7
  • 9.9cm x 6.5cm
  • 30 colour illustrations
  • 34 cards


Claim to be a bike enthusiast? Put your knowledge to the test with the Battle of the Bikes - A Trump Card Game. These beautifully illustrated playing cards include a fact file on each make and model. They're rated on vital factors such as day-to-day practicality, ride by kudos and 24-7 comfort.

Who knew there where so many different bikes! They're all included in this handy pack from the humble city bike, Dutch bike, tandem, Fixie, Cervelo R5 CA to the Condor Fratello.

Take them on your holidays or challenge your friends and family to a game - play off iconic makes and models against each other and discover who's got the best set of wheels.

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