Bartending Glasses


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  • 4 x 80z glasses
  • Each glass holds 8oz/273ml
  • Hand wash only
  • Dimensions : L 12.01" x W 3.66" x H 3.78"


Great Reasons To Buy These Bartending Glasses

  • This pack contains four 8oz glasses: a gin glass, a rum glass, a vodka glass and a whiskey glass.
  • Each glass teaches you how to make four different cocktails, which are in black writing on each side of the respective glass.
  • With 16 unique and simple recipes on display, these glasses mean you can become a bartender in no time!

Why You'll Love These Glasses

These Bartending Glasses designed by Hannah Rogge each feature a different popular spirit, (Gin, Rum, Vodka and Whiskey), whilst teaching you how to make four different drinks using the respective spirit with the small simple recipes printed on their sides. Recipes include a Gin Rickey, a Rum Sour, a Bloody Mary and a Whiskey Fix amongst a list of 16 instructions on how to create unique and delicious cocktails. Great for making and serving top-quality drinks, these glasses are an essential must-have for bar tenders and cocktail-making lovers, whilst also being a lovely addition to a home bar.

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