ArchiDoodle City - An Architect's Activity Book


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  • Author : Steve Bowkett
  • ISBN : 978-1-78067-608-1
  • 24cm x 24cm
  • 160 pages & 200 illustrations
  • Paperback


Satisfy your creative urge with ArchiDoodle City - An Architect's Activity Book. This innovative book is an interactive way to learn about urban architecture for all ages. 200 pen and ink illustrations depict some of the most inspiring, iconic and contemporary city structures in the world, with challenges and exercises accompanying each drawing.

Featuring a broad spectrum of cities the buildings range from ancient to contemporary, and from small-scale to large-scale, posing all manner of architectural quandaries to solve. The spaces provided encourage resolutions to be drawn such as designing your own skyscraper or restoring an old building, giving readers the chance to let imaginations run wild!

Bowkett, the book's author, offers a alternative perspective by asking 'what to draw' rather 'than how to draw'. The result is a thrilling book full of wonderful examples of works and ideas by major architects that will have children, students and professional architects alike desperate to draw.

Whether you sketch, draw or use Archidoodle as a colouring book the purpose is to have fun whilst you learn about architectural issues effecting urban centres across the globe. For students of design or aspiring architects it's a great gift idea- and can also come in handy as a portfolio primer!

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