50 Games To Play With Your Dog


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  • Paperback
  • Illustrated with photography throughout
  • 128 pages
  • ISNB : 978-1-78240-354-8


Great Reasons To Buy 50 Games To Play With Your Dog

  • 50 Games to Play With Your Dog is a one stop-guide to keeping your beloved dog fit and young at heart.
  • It's complied of six themed chapters covering all types of games that will suit any breed's natural preference, from fetch to full-scale agility training.
  • With engaging illustrations and step by step instructions throughout, this wonderful book ensures playtime with your dog couldn't be easier.

Why You'll Love This Book

50 Games To Play With Your Dog is the ultimate guide to challenging your pet. It contains six themed chapters that cover all types of games from play basics and fetching to exercise and agility challenges, including 'Go Get', 'Buried Treasure', 'High fives' and 'Hurdles'. All games are accompanied by engaging illustrations and step-by-step instructions, so that learning them couldn't be simpler.

With useful information on behaviour and training techniques, plus advice on choosing the right games for your breed, this book will ensure both you and your dog get the most out of playtime together, whether you have a cerebral hound or a terrier, a labrador or a spaniel. See how many you can master to boost your dog's energy well into old age, amazing family and friends along the way with your tricks!

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